10 Things Only Cartoon Fans Know About Luke Cage

Luke Cage gained mainstream popularity thanks to his Marvel Netflix streaming series, which had two seasons and saw the hero appear in The defenders after the. The origin stories were similar, where Cage served time in prison for a crime he did not commit, and then came out and became a superhero on the street, helping people in need.

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Cage’s origin story in the comics, however, was different, and he was a very different hero in his early days than what the Netflix show painted him as. Cage also underwent many changes in the comics, going from a man who only liked to fight for money, to a man, father and Avengers team leader, a truly respected superhero.

10 Luke Cage was a criminal as a teenager

Luke Cage fights criminals with Heroes for Hire.

In Netflix Luke Cage the series was the character a police officer who was convicted of a crime he has never committed. This is not the origin story of Luke from the Marvel wallets. In the comics, Luke was a troubled teenager who joined a gang and committed petty thefts.

Luke, however, realized he was hurting his family, and he withdrew from the gang, even though his best friend Stryker remained in the gang while he remained friends with Cage. After Stryker’s girl left him for Luke, he betrayed his friend, planted drugs in his place and had him sent to prison for a crime he had never committed.

9 He was originally called Power Man

Luke Cage tears a door off.

When Luke escaped from prison, he started working as a superhero, and he ended up taking on a superhero moniker. He called himself Power Man. He took the name because he wanted to use a superhero name that signified his powers, and he was super strong with an incredible durability, so he called himself Power Man.

Luke Cage is not his real name either, as it is Carl Lucas. After working as a Power Man for years and even having a cartoon with the title Power Man and Iron Fist, he ended up losing the moniker and just walking past Luke Cage.

8 Luke Cage founded Heroes for Hire

Power Man and Iron Fist are fighting together.

When Luke Cage started acting like a superhero, he got an idea to earn a living by using his powers. Cage started his own business called Hero For Hire and he wanted to help anyone who had money to pay him. It did not seem very heroic, but that was the intention at the time.

Eventually, Cage became friends with Danny Rand, the superhero known as Iron Fist. The two struck, and Iron Fist joined Cage’s business, renaming it Heroes for Hire.

7 Dr. Doom once hired Luke Cage

Doctor Doom hires Luke Cage for a job.

While working solo in Hero for Hire, Luke Cage took a job for the most unlikely clients. He was employed by Doctor Doom, the ruler of the foreign land of Latveria. Doom had a series of his Doombots who became rogue and disguised as humans. Doom wanted Luke to find them and stop them.

Luke Cage easily finished the job for Doctor Doom. But that’s when Doctor Doom left town without paying him. Luke went all the way to Latveria and attacked Doom, and would not stop fighting until he was paid the $ 200 he owed.

6 Luke Cage joined The Fantastic Four

Luke Cage joins the Fantastic Four.

Luke Cage has been a member of several teams in the Marvel Universe, which is unusual for someone who really does not like many people. He was first a member of Defenders, but these were Doctor Strange’s Defenders and nothing like those from the Netflix world. But what many people do not know is that he was also in the Fantastic Four.

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The Thing lost its power at one point, which was a blessing for Ben Grimm, who never wanted to be a monster. With The Thing out of the team, Luke Cage took his place as the group’s new muscle. However, he was gone just as quickly because the Puppet Master turned him against his teammates.

5 He married Jessica Jones

Luke Cage marries Jessica Jones.

While working in Heroes for Hire with Iron Fist, Luke Cage met a young woman with superpowers named Jessica Jones. Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’ relationship was flirtatious, but they also pressed each other’s buttons and quarreled constantly. However, this quickly became something more serious.

Luke ran into Jessica later, and the two became close as Luke helped her cope with her abuse from Purple Man. The two started dating, and then Luke finally asked the question, and they ended up getting married.

4 He and Jessica Jones have a daughter

Luke Cage is holding his daughter.

Jessica Jones was pregnant with Luke Cage’s daughter before they got married. Jones was actually dating Scott Lang, Ant-Man, at the time she ended up with Cage again and ended up getting pregnant. She had the baby while Luke worked in New Avengers, and the two named the baby Danielle Cage, named after Danny Rand.

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Danielle Cage has no powers in the regular Marvel universe, but in a future alternate timeline, she has inherited the powers of both Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, making her super strong and indestructible. She became the new Captain America.

3 Cage was anti-registration during the Civil War

Luke Cage refuses to sign the Superhero Registration Act.

Luke Cage never thought law enforcement or the government were after people on the street. When the government decided to create a Superhero Registration Act, and Captain America rejected the idea, Luke Cage quickly took the anti-registration side of the fight.

Luke immediately sent Jessica Jones and their daughter to Canada to escape the war. Luke never used his powers after the action came into force, but SHIELD nevertheless came to arrest him for refusing to join the government, and he joined Caps side of the war as an active participant.

2 Luke Cage helped drive the Thunderbolts

Luke Cage leads the Thunderbolts.

The Thunderbolts originally started as Masters of Evil, but Baron Zemo made them pretend to be heroes after the Avengers and Fantastic Four disappeared after the battle with Onslaught. When the team decided they liked being good guys, Hawkeye took over as the leader. In the heroic age, Luke Cage led his own version of the team.

Steve Rogers wanted a new Thunderbolts team after Norman Osborn stepped in Dark Reign and he put Luke in charge, knowing that Cage could relate to the previous villains. His job was to help rehabilitate villains and help them become heroes.

1 Luke Cage became an Avengers leader

Luke Cage fights alongside the Avengers.

Below Civil war, the most important team in the Marvel universe was split in two. While Iron Man and Captain America disagreed on the Superhero Registration Act and went to war, the world still needed an Avengers. The Secret Avengers formed during this time when Luke served alongside Captain America.

After the war ended, he, along with the other heroes, was wanted by the police, and he formed the New Avengers, which were separate from the main Avengers. It was with this team that Luke came into his own as a team player and eventually team leader.

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