15 rock songs that are actually really creepy

The song, which sounds pleasant but has disturbing revelations in its words, is a well-documented riddle in rock music. Especially in terms of how it can deceive the listener into initially believing that it is harmless. Once it gets the hooks in, its true meaning can penetrate.

And while they are hard to admit, these types of tunes often seem more enticing than their straight counterparts, even if the listener knows the content is problematic. There’s just something more exciting, it seems, by a seductive song, compared to a happy song with an equally joyful story, or a dark one that is sharp black in every respect.

After all, isn’t the tug of war between good and evil the greatest duality among mankind?

There are many examples of this kind of two-sided rock tunes, mainly in the pop-rock world, of which many longtime rock listeners may already be familiar. The police “Every Breath You Take” is one, the same is Third Eye Blinds “Semi-Charmed Life.” They both have catchy music but disturbing imagery.

But – it’s true you guessed it – there are plenty of others out there. Can you think of any good ones?

Scroll down below to see some 15 rock songs we find surprisingly eerie. They may make you think twice about the lyrics the next time you hear a seemingly untouched rock number that subtly points to a more disturbing account inside.

15 rock songs that are actually really creepy

A rock song that is immediately eerie can be very disturbing. But what about that kind sneaks up on you with its horror? It can have a happy-sounding melody, or what seems like a simple love-laden lyric. Yet something more deceptively eerie lurks beneath the surface. Here are just a few of the more notable examples of rock songs that are actually really creepy.

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