2 Los Angeles Lakers being kicked out of rotation by Austin Reaves

(Photo by Harry How / Getty Images) – Los Angeles Lakers

Austin Reaves has easily been the best story so far this season for the Los Angeles Lakers. Reaves is the biggest positive that has come from the Lakers’ injury red 3-3 start to the season, and he makes an impact that not many had expected he would.

The Reaves had all the makings to be yet another gem find by the Lakers when they signed him a few weeks before the 2021-22 season started. However, this seemed to be a long-term game, and since the Lakers’ rotation was filled with veterans, it did not look like Reaves would get much of a chance.

That has not been the case. The Lakers have handled injuries to four rotation players, opening the door for Reaves to an average of just under 20 minutes per game. fight so far. Reaves has played well and has had minutes with the Lakers’ best unit, which is a welcome sight to see for Laker fans.

Frank Vogel called Reaves’ play so far excellent and it is safe to say that he has etched his place in the Los Angeles Lakers rotation.

In doing so, Austin Reaves will kick two players out of the Los Angeles Lakers rotation

There are three guards currently injured at the Los Angeles Lakers – Speech Horton-Tucker, Wayne Ellington and Kendrick Nunn. When the season started, it was safe to assume that Reaves’ minutes would be the first to be cut when the team gets healthy.

It is not the case. The Lakers will have to cut in other minutes to make room for these injured players. The most likely result is that two players will be removed from the rotation completely, while Kent Bazemore sees a reduction in his 28 minutes per game. match.

These two Lakers will be out of team rotation when the Lakers get well and they have Austin Reaves to blame.

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