5 inspiring creative to follow on Instagram

Stimulate your imagination with our fortnightly daily editing of creatives and photographers who take Instagram to a whole new level, curated by author Marcia Veiga. We focus on global talents that will elevate your feed and inspire your own creative output, from interior stylists and architects to visionary image creators.

Dan Carlberg, co-founder of Bloglovin

Before Pinterest and Instagram dominated the digital sphere, Dan Carlberg and four other creatives launched Bloglovin in 2008, appearing twice on the 30 under 30 list, igniting the era of influencers. The Stockholm-born specialist oversaw the company’s design vision and strategy for 11 years. Carlberg’s Instagram deliberately shows his knowledge of art, design and interior.

Miki Matsuyama, artist

Miki Matsuyama credits both her mother and grandmother – who both participate in the Japanese style of flower arrangement called ikebana – for her creative genes. At the beginning of the pandemic, Matsuyama quit his job in real estate and began depicting people’s interior design. Her digital grid features work from her Behind closed doors collaborative exhibition, including intimate and revealing paintings of famous artists’ homes.

Chris Cheng Shao, founder of Chris.Shao.Studio

Chris Cheng Shao is a Chinese-born, New York-based designer and storyteller. After graduating with a Master in Fine Arts, he received his first assignment designing a family home in Soho. Following that success, he has moved on to open studios in New York and Shanghai, fighting for his signature mix of masculine and feminine, ‘rich fabrics with sharp silhouettes and romantic ideals’.

Lukas Machnik, interior designer

Described as a ‘Renaissance man’, Lukas Machnik finds joy in merging art, design and architecture. The Chicago-based artist established his design practice in 2000 and remodeled the homes of adventurous customers. His social platform shows how he integrates light and dark forms and why he is often described as avant-garde.

Madelynn Furlong, founder of MADÉ Interiors

Madelynn Furlong from Minnesota first hit the stage as a fashion influencer, but has recently channeled her passion for interior styling to MADÉ, an online visual space for collaboration and inspiration. Furlong’s digital network provides insight into her home in New York after she moved from Los Angeles.

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