54% reject Biden, 71% say the US is heading in the wrong direction: poll

More than 50 percent of Americans reject President Biden’s job performance, and 71 percent believe the nation is heading in the wrong direction, according to a poll released Sunday.

The president’s job approval ratings have risen since April, with 52 percent giving him a thumbs up and 39 percent rejecting, according to an NBC News poll.

The latest survey, which follows the trail of other polls, showed that Biden was underwater, with 54 percent disapproving and 42 percent approving.

The meager polls come just days before a crucial Virginia gubernatorial race in which Democrat Terry McAuliffe pits Republican Glenn Youngkin, a race seen as a chime for next year’s midterms. ,

“Democrats face a country whose opinion of President Biden has turned sharply to the negative since April,” said Democratic pollster Jeff Horwitt of Hart Research Associates, who conducted the poll with Republican pollster Bill McInturff of Public Opinion Strategies.

“The promise of the Biden presidency – knowledge, competence and stability in tough times – has all been called into question,” Horwitt added.

The bite’s numbers also fall over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and the economy.

Biden approval rating NBC Poll
US President Joe Biden
The president’s job approval assessments have risen since April.
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In April, 69 percent approved and 27 percent rejected his handling of COVID, but the latest poll shows that the approval rate has dropped to 51 percent and the disapproval rate has risen to 47 percent.

On the economy, the Americans gave him a 52 percent approval rating in April and a 43 percent rejection rating.

But it has now dropped to 40 percent approval and risen to 57 percent disapproval.

Among the 71 percent of Americans who say the country is heading in the wrong direction, 48 percent of Democrats, 93 percent of Republicans and 70 percent of independents.

president biden performance on questions

“When you see a 71 percent wrong track, it’s a flashing red light,” McInturff said. “These people are telling us that things are not going well.”

When asked about the midterm elections in 2022, 47 percent said they are in favor of a democratically controlled Congress, while 45 percent vote for Republican control – a rate largely unchanged from August.

Republicans have double-digit advantages over Democrats in terms of border security (27 percentage points), inflation (24 points), crime (22 points) and the economy (18 points).

Democrats have double-digit lead on climate change (24 points), coronavirus (12 points) and abortion (10 points).

The poll examined 1,000 adults between the 23rd and 26th. October

It has a margin of error of plus / minus 3.1 percentage points.

President Joe Biden
In April, 69 percent approved and 27 percent rejected Biden’s handling of COVID
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