8 locations in Metro Vancouver to see the night sky

If the clouds in Vancouver part long enough for a crystal clear evening, then you might want to head out to look at the stars.

Whether you’re trying to catch a glimpse of the rarely predicted northern lights or just see the stars, we gather our favorite places to find a spot of dark skies in Metro Vancouver.

If you are going to a park, be sure to double check its opening hours as the gates to parking areas may be locked. Also bring a flashlight with you – a real one, not the one on your phone – to help you navigate from your car to your lookout point.

Iona Island Causeway

Behind the YVR airport in Richmond you can find a spot on the dam or even venture out on the Iona pier if you are down for a long walk to see the sky.

Burnaby Mountain

This vantage point near the SFU campus is still pretty close to town, but it makes you feel far enough away from the bright light to see stars.

Gary Point

This Richmond location near Steveston gives you a great view of the waterfront to watch the sun go down and the stars come up.

Cypress Mountain Lookout

The Cypress Mountains lookout point is well before the summit itself and has plenty of room to lay out a blanket and see the sky.

Wreck Beach

If you can defy the stairs down to Wreck Beach in the dark, then you will probably think this is a fun place to see the sky.

Queen Elizabeth Park

Perfect if you do not have a car or do not want to leave the city but still want a nice place to see the sky, there are a few good lookout points sprinkled around the park.

Boundary Bay

Head to Tsawwassen or Boundary Bay Park to see the sky. The ferry route is a bit light but gives you a great view of the beach and Boundary Bay Park is much darker and secluded.

Blackie Spit

If there is a meteor shower, a planetary event or a Northern Lights view, parking lots in large places can fill up quickly, even in the middle of the night. Keep this Crescent Beach spot in your back pocket when you do not want to share the sky with others!

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