‘A cemetery is a place of peace, not terror’ – Community activist shoots Keon Lincoln memorial

A community activist has cracked down on the shooting of a 17-year-old boy during a memorial service for the murdered teenager Keon Lincoln.

Police were called to Handsworth Cemetery after a teenager was shot in broad daylight as crowds gathered to mourn the anniversary of Keon’s tragic death around 3pm on Friday 22 January.

Following the incident, social activist Desmond Jaddoo called for more to be done to tackle youth violence.

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He told BirminghamLive: “It’s shocking. A cemetery is a place of loneliness and reflection and I find it very disrespectful that this has happened.

“This time last year, a young mother had to bury her 15-year-old son.

“Given the number of murders of young people that have taken place last year, I can not begin to understand what would go through the head of a person to fire a firearm in the cemetery.

“This adds weight to my argument that the streets are out of control. Intervention is required and we need to come together to tackle this issue of youth violence.

“This is a cemetery. It’s a sacred place, it’s a consecrated ground. It demonstrates the need for pastors, campaigners and politicians, no matter what their political beliefs, to come around a table and start looking at how we handles it here.

“No one should be in danger of going to a cemetery.”

He continued: “It’s fashionable and that’s the problem. By using weapons, knives, violence, it’s becoming fashionable, just like the latest pair of snowshoes.

“In a city where we’ve got the Commonwealth Games in less than six months’ time, let’s invest in our young people. Let’s create greater opportunities to divert them away from this type of lifestyle.

“The greatest Commonwealth legacy we could have is to revive the spirit of the Windrush generation when we were all one. It’s not about black-on-black crime, it’s affecting families from all walks of life.”

Sgt McCullogh, of the West Midlands Police CID, said: “This is a shocking thing to happen in broad daylight and while people showed their respect after the tragic loss of Keon last year.

“There is still so much grief after his death. Weapons have no place on our streets, they cause misery and harm and we do not want to see more people being injured or killed because of them.

“I would urge anyone with any information to contact us – anonymously if you prefer – for as we have seen here, and since Keon was assassinated, it is dangerous to carry weapons and cause heartache.”

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