Absolutely huge news day for the Toronto Maple Leafs

To say that the Toronto Maple Leafs had an eventful week would be an understatement.

No matter how hard it is to believe, just a week ago today, the Toronto Maple Leafs were on their way to Pittsburgh to play their first game outside of Canada in approx. 18 months and the season was still considered to have started quite well. .

The loss to the Rangers was clearly a case of losing to a hot goalkeeper, and although the Leafs did not exactly destroy San Jose, it was a game they would normally score for victory in. Then the Pittsburgh game was an unconditional game. disaster and suddenly everything that had happened before got darker tones.

The Leafs were unable to return against Carolina, but finally got to take their four loss series against Chicago on Wednesday. The team is in good shape going forward because they are still far outperforming their expected goals and when Marner and Matthews start scoring, the team will be back to the old self.

Although the Leafs come after a win, the time since their last game has been filled with news, so let’s sum it all up.

Toronto Maple Leafs news

The biggest news was that franchise defender Morgan Rielly signed a brand new eight-year contract to stay with the team throughout his (or at least most of his) career.

This is a good move for the team because it works on more than just salary cap and analysis. It’s a player that the Leafs have drafted, developed into a superstar, and that they will keep throughout his career. It’s an absolutely amazing development and all the other nonsense we usually get so caught up in is secondary.

The second biggest news is that the Toronto Maple Leafs are getting their back-up goalkeeper back tonight. Petr Mrazek returns from injury, preventing the Leafs from having to use Michael Hutchinson a second time. Mrazek starts tonight against the Detroit Red Wings.

The Leafs have also placed Michael Amadio on dispensations. He played three games and if he is not claimed, which he most likely will not, then he is back again when the Leafs need him. If he is claimed, it is not a big deal as the Leafs have plenty of depth options for similar players.

Finally, the latest news is perhaps the most interesting. Justin Holl is going to be a hot scratch tonight. This means that Timothy Liljegren and Rasmus Sandin, for just the second time this season, are both playing.

The Leafs have subsequently mixed their matings, and the Leafs will move Dermott up to play with Rielly, while Brodie mates with Muzzin. The two rookies will stick together for a dynamic third pairing.

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