Air traffic is expected to increase as new vaccination travel rules come into force


Experts predict that both domestic and international travel will increase in November thanks to a new federal rule.

As of Saturday, anyone traveling by plane, train or ship in Canada must prove that they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

The federal government announced that the rules will apply to anyone 12 years of age or older earlier this month.

“It will give it confidence that people want to travel safely,” Nikola Berube of AMA Travel told CTV News. “I think what we are going to see is a renewed interest in bookings. We are already seeing a very large number of members buying their travel insurance.”

Berube says AMA Travel in particular has noticed an increase in the number of Albertans seeking south. From November 8, the United States will reopen its land and sea border for fully vaccinated Canadian travelers visiting for non-essential purposes.

Saturday’s new travel rules apply to anyone who has received a second dose at least 14 days before their departure date.

Even those who are fully vaccinated must show evidence of a negative COVID-19 test when they return to Canada.

A test will no longer be required to enter the United States over land.

There will also be a short transition period lasting until November 29, during which travelers who may be in the process of being vaccinated will have the opportunity to show evidence of a valid COVID-19 molecular test instead.

It ends on November 30.

Other rules implemented earlier in the COVID-19 pandemic for travelers, including mandatory masks and negative test requirements for international travelers, remain in place.

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