> Alameddines planned to be hit by Mahmound Ahmad at Rushcutters

Alameddines planned to be hit by Mahmound Ahmad at Rushcutters

A busy park in the eastern suburbs came dangerously close to becoming the latest bloody crime scene as part of the underworld gang violence that gripped Sydney.

A park in eastern suburbs filled with families was to be the site of a daylight underworld hit by the Alameddine criminal clan until the intended target received a last-minute call warning him of the imminent danger.

The great gangster figure and convicted murderer Mahmoud “Brownie” Ahmad has since left Australia to try to protect not only his life but also his children.

In the wake of his overseas escape, The Daily Telegraph can now reveal shocking details about how close Ahmad got to being shot down while playing with his children in Rushcutters Bay Park in early October.

Armed men were on their way to the park to carry out the charge when an employee called Ahmad and warned him of the danger.

He gathered his children and left the park immediately.

Sources say the park was packed with families who just a few weeks outside the barrier had the best of a weekend visit to the playground overlooking Sydney Harbor.

The dangers to innocent bystanders, including young children, were obvious but irrelevant to the assassins who intended to gather the bounty on Ahmad’s head.

The city’s underworld had been filled with talk in the wake of Ahmad’s release from prison, where he served seven years for killing a co-criminal in 2016 that the Alamedin had put a bounty of as much as $ 1 million on his head.

The attempt to hit Ahmad came weeks before the double murder of teenage gangster Salim Hamze, 18, and his father Toufik, 64. When police were investigated in the wake of the Hamzes deaths, senior officers were asked if they did enough.

“Police activities have so far diverted four other murders from taking place and at least one other kidnapping,” NSW Police Assistant Stuart Smith said in response.

NSW Police would not comment on whether the failed hit on Ahmad was among these.

Ahmad initially surrounded himself with a small crew of allies and enforcers to protect him after his release from prison.

But the experienced gangster soon read the temperature in the room that is Sydney’s current underworld.

Ahmad, who has barely escaped from Rushcutter’s Bay Park alive, is currently believed to be in the Middle East – but underworld sources said they thought the trip was only a temporary break.

Ahmad’s decision to leave Australia proved timely with the ongoing feud between the Alameddine and Hamzy clans as a key line in the investigation into last week’s murder of Ghassan Amoun, brother of the imprisoned Bassam Hamzy and murdered Mejid Hamzy.

Amoun and other senior Hamzy members were warned by NSW police in mid-2021 that their rivals had turned prices upside down.

This warning came when they applied to the NSW Supreme Court to ease the conditions for serious crime prevention orders that restrict their movements and associations so that they could attend the funeral of Bilal Hamze – Amoun’s cousin and brother of Ibrahem Hamze – who was shot down. in Sydney’s CBD in June.

Amoun ignored that warning before ending up in jail, where he spent four months before being released on January 3rd. Three days later he was dead.


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