Animorphs Fans recreates iconic book cover for group Halloween costume

A group of Animorphs fans recreated one of the series’ iconic covers into a stunning Halloween costume for groups. Milkael Milkelson and their friends decided to adopt Rachel to become that bear, and the entire internet was approved. KA Applegate itself germinated in after being tagged in the post. The author was just as amazed as the rest of social media at the attention to detail. Most children of the Scholastic book fair generation will remember Animorfer for the wild covers and that’s all. But examining the series as an adult makes many readers marvel at the depth of this saga and the moral implications of children struggling for the fate of the universe. Also note the animal instincts described by Applegate. (Anyone remember the book where they turned into flies and the insect mind is just a little too strong for them? Not to mention when someone is almost beaten …) If anything, it’s a good moment just to reflect on a beloved series of children’s novels. Check out the post below.

“The central themes of Animorphs have resonated strongly with children for more than two decades, and the time has come for a feature film that takes this captivating sci-fi adventure to another level for audiences today,” Scholastic Entertainment’s Iole Lucchese said earlier. this year. . “Picturestart has an incredible success story, and Erik and his team are the perfect partners to help bring this exciting new series based on the adventure-packed books to the movie screens.”

Last year brought the news of Chris Grine’s graphic novel adaptation of the beloved series. He told The Hollywood Reporter about the task of recreating such a massive hit franchise.

“… I suppose if I had tried to drive the car over the cliff, someone would have stepped in. Luckily, they liked what they saw with just a few slight changes,” he said. “They mostly left the character designers up to me, but I did a lot of research from the books, the TV show and whatever else I could find. Not with any intention of copying these things, only to see what aspects of the characters had become so rooted in pop culture that if you changed them too much, it could derail it all. I always fall back on the descriptions from the books, but I like to be sure. “

As for the cover design, I can tell you that we have put a lot of thought into that part. Personally, I was most nervous about the cover right from the beginning, because you are right – the originals are iconic. I must have made a dozen cover concepts before we landed on something that felt true to the originals, even though it was a fresh take, Grine added. , including the amazing new logo. That guy always makes me look good. “

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