Anna Maxwell Martin’s painful split from husband a year before tragic death

TV and stage actress Anna Maxwell Martin is on Who Do You Think You Are? tonight. The Motherland and Line of Duty actress will reveal some “harrowing” family secrets

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Anna Maxwell Martin revisits grandparents’ farm

From Line of Duty to Motherland, Anna Maxwell Martin is now revealing her family secrets on Who Do You Think You Are?

The famous BBC show helps celebrities look deep into their past. For Anna, 45, it will reveal ” a harrowing story of separation in her grandfather’s childhood”.

With the brilliant TV actress’ rise to fame, interest in her home life has increased and the star has been a little more candid about things in recent years.

She said after the split from her ex-husband Roger Michell that she would worry about her face, but feels she has “grown into” it.

Anna told You magazine: “I’ve grown into my face. I’m happy with it.

“Women don’t have to look a certain way, which has given me a lot of work and a lot of confidence.”

Tonight’s Who Do You Think You Are? will be on BBC One at 9pm.

Why did Anna Maxwell Martin split from her husband?

Anna eventually split from her husband, but they remained on good terms until his death


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Anna Maxwell Martin never revealed too many details about her split from film director Roger Michell after separating in 2020, though said “there are four children to think about”.

She said: “Our marriage has ended and we’ve been separated for quite some time. I haven’t really spoken about it because it isn’t fair on all the people involved.

“There are four children to think about. It’s taken an enormous amount of time, but we are all getting through it in a healthy way.”

Roger, director of Hugh Grant’s mega 1999 rom-com hit Notting Hill, sadly died in 2021 at the age of 65. He also directed The Duke with Jim Broadbent and Helen Mirren, also featuring Anna.

In a tribute to her ex-husband, the actress described him on Instagram as a “kind and gentle man”.

She added: “He always had a sweet grin on his face and a perfect piece of direction to share.”

Anna, who became famous partly for her fearsome performance in Line of Duty, is on Who Do You Think You Are? tonight


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He had four children altogether with Harry and Rosie coming from a previous marriage and Maggie and Sparrow with Anna.

The pair met when he cast her to play Sophie at the National Theatre in an Australian play called Honour, before they married in 2002. Roger was 20 years her senior when they met.

After the split, she said to You: “I’m definitely not a single working mother. Roger is amazing. I feel incredibly supported. We always have conversations about work. He is great and we also have a brilliant nanny, and my mum helps out with the girls as well, so all is fine.”

Who is Anna Maxwell Martin?

Anna won BAFTAs, but became really well-known after Motherland and Line of Duty


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Anna Maxwell Martin is a BAFTA-winning actress known for roles in Motherland and Line of Duty.

With years of big stage roles behind her, she also became known for a 2006 BAFTA TV award win for her role as Esther Summerson in the adaption of Charles Dickens Bleak House, winning her Best Actress.

Three years later, she won the award again for playing N in Poppy Shakespeare.

Despite the wins, she is perhaps best known for her lead role as Julia in Motherland, but confessed her children can’t bear to watch her in the comedy.

Anna said on This Morning : “Motherland, they hate! Line of Duty… no, they’re not interested to any of it. They particularly hate Motherland because they can’t bare me embarrassing myself so much.”

*Who Do You Think You Are? airs tonight at 9pm on BBCOne

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