Aston Villa fans close the chapter on Manchester City’s Jack Grealish anger after ‘God’ speaks

Paul McGrath says Jack Grealish is not a “bad boy” for wanting more of the spotlight after leaving Aston Villa this summer for Manchester City.

Grealish left his childhood club in the transfer window as he secured a £ 100million transfer to Etihad to end what was a lengthy transfer saga.

Villa fans were furious at the playmaker’s exit at the time, though he received a warm welcome when he returned to Villa Park in midweek when he came on as a subwoofer for City in their 2-1 win over Steven Gerrard’s team .

And now Villa legend McGrath has said his opinion of Grealish when he took to Twitter to say the 26-year-old’s exit was always on the map.

“To be fair to Aston Villa’s supporters, I think we would all have loved Jack staying at the club,” McGrath tweeted.

“Big boy pants, he always wanted to go. Ireland got a slap too, but is he a bad boy because he wants more of the limelight?

“Honestly, no.” The man is gifted #UTV. #Respect

Villa fans were quick to respond to McGrath’s message on Twitter, and here’s what they had to say.

Amanda H:@ Paulmcgrath5 is spot on. God has spoken, and these are the facts. ”

Staff rogue: “God has spoken. That chapter is over, now it’s being debated!”

Bailey Evans : “Oh man. But if McGrath wants me to forgive him, I have no choice.”

Trev B31: “I take this as the last word on the Jack saga. Many happy phrases God and UTV.”

Helen Bristow: “Wise words from God there.”

Silent majority: “Broken my heart when he left, but I understand why he did it. No doubt about his love for the club. He continues to do so much for local charities that you do not get to hear about. And you have something in common with him. You’re both my favorite Villa players ever. ”

Robert Glaze: “Well said Paul, he has gone to a better team, with a world class coach, he has had promotion and he has put us where we are today, I did not want him to go, I loved to see him play, but he has gone to improve his career, does not deserve all this abuse directed at him. ”

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