Aurora borealis may be visible in broad swaths of the continental United States, Europe on Saturday due to major solar flares

NOAA issued a G3, or “strong” geomagnetic storm guard, for Saturday and Sunday before the flame bursts into Earth. The scale for geomagnetic storms goes from G1, or minor storm, to G5, an extreme storm.

This geomagnetic storm can cause voltage irregularities and false alarms on some protection devices, warns NOAA. It can also cause high frequency radio interruption and loss of radio contact on the sunlit side of the earth.

The most visible effect of the impending geomagnetic storm is that it is likely to leave northern lights, making it visible over large parts of the United States and Europe.

In Europe, the weather forecast shows, if the weather allows it, that northern lights can be visible overhead from all over Norway, Sweden and Finland, and even as far south as Scotland and St. Petersburg. Petersburg, Russia.

It can be visible on the horizon as far south as Dublin, Ireland and Hamburg, Germany.

01 Aurora Forecast Europe Activity

Aurora australis, or the southern light, will see similar effects.

02 Aurora Forecast Southern activity

The weather forecast shows from Melbourne, Australia to Christchurch, New Zealand, it can be visible on the horizon.


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