Authorities are warning residents that ‘time is running out’ to be vaccinated

Queensland‘s leaders have warned residents today is their last chance to get a plug to be fully vaccinated in time for the borders to reopen.
Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has taken to social media to give people one last push as the state’s reopening date approaches.
“You have one day left to get your vaccine and be fully protected when our borders open just before Christmas,” she said d. Twitter.
People are queuing up to receive a COVID-19 vaccine at a Bunnings hardware store in Brisbane. (Getty)

No new local cases were recorded in Queensland again today, but officials say residents must not become complacent because an outbreak could occur at any time.

Deputy Prime Minister Steven Miles said that if people want to travel during the holidays, they should be vaccinated this weekend.

“We just encourage people to go and get vaccinated and that’s the best way they can ensure they have access to all the freedoms,” he said.

“I mean, the one we know, the one we can talk about now, is the ability to travel.

The Queensland state government is hosting pop-up vaccination clinics in stores around the state this weekend to increase access. (Getty)

“And if they are not fully vaccinated by that date, they will not be able to travel. And if they will be fully protected by that date, they will have to be largely vaccinated at the weekend. So the time is running out.”

The timeline referred to by the authorities takes into account the waiting time between the first and second jab, on top of the two weeks required before the highest level of protection is reached.

People are queuing up to receive a COVID-19 vaccine in Brisbane as authorities give residents one last push to get vaccinated. (Getty)

Sir. Miles confirmed that Dr. Hajkowicz had rejected the role a few days before the start due to personal reasons, adding that the timing of the announcement was not “ideal”.

“It was unexpected … and he has asked that we respect his privacy,” Mr Miles said.

He added that support positions had been added around the role until a more permanent replacement could be filled, including three new deputy directors for the Chief Health Officer.

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