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God is dead is a comic book created by Jonathan Hickman and written by Mike Costa (and friends) and published by Avatar Press. It deals with ancient gods and goddesses from mythologies around the world who come to Earth to claim the human world, while a group of people named the Collective resist the ancient gods. God is dead began as a limited series of six issues in September 2013, with Hickman and Costa as co-authors. When the first story with six issues was completed, the comic became an ongoing series with Costa as the sole author. But in August 2014 Alan Moore and Simon Spurrier wrote new history arcs with the title God is dead: Acts, as well as Mike Costa, with artists including Facundo Percio, Gabriel Andtraes and Rafael Ortiz. The series as a whole ended in 2016 with its 48th issue.

Now a limited edition white leather upholstered version of the first issue of the Alan Moore / Si Spurrier / Mike Costa series, God is dead, Acts: Alpha is on auction from Heritage Auctions. Numbered as 14 out of 150, it will most likely appeal to Alan Moore collectors, especially those looking for the more limited editions of his work. After all, there are more than 150 Alan Moore forced collectors, and only 150 of these volumes have been created. And this one is in the rare CGC grade of 10.0. Of course, it may have helped to be printed with a leather cover. Currently at $ 56 it goes under the hammer in five hours.

God Is Dead: Book of Acts 14/150 by Jonathan Hickman, Alan Moore at auction
God Is Dead: Book of Acts Alpha, Alan Moore CGC 10.0 14/150 at auction

God Is Dead: The Book of Acts Alpha CGC Numbered Edition # 14/150 (Avatar Press, 2014) CGC MT 10.0 White Pages. Alan Moore, Simon Spurrier and Mike Costa stories. Gabriel Andrade, Facundo Percio and Rafael Ortiz art. Leather cover. Blue foil logo. CGC notes, “# 14 of 150”. Not listed in Overstreet. CGC count 10/21: 66 in 10., no higher.

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