Book Teaches You How to Do Your Nails Twisted-Wonderland-Style – Interest

Disney and Aniplex‘s Twisted-Wonderland is a mobile game featuring groups of pretty boys—each inspired by classic Disney villains like Scar and Maleficent—all going to school together. Whether or not that premise excites you, it’s hard not to admit that the game goes all out on its visual style. Now, with the Twisted-Wonderland Wonder Nail Book, you can wear some of that style yourself.

Wonder Nail Book contains 140 nail patterns based on the characters seen in the game and the dorms they belong to. It also includes information about the color pallet used and how things connect back to the Disney movie they are inspired by.

It’s currently on sale for a mere 2,200 yen ($16.50). If Disney or nail art are your thing, this might be a book to pick up—even if you can’t read Japanese.

Source: Nijimen

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