Bromley has the highest number of deals in London

A new ‘cheat card’ has revealed how many people are doing business in cities across the UK – and there are hundreds of unfaithful partners in south-east London.

The figures are based on Illicit Encounters’ own comprehensive data on the number of people cheating.

The interactive infidelity index allows users to search a city, town or zip code to find out how many people are doing business in each location.

Figures from Illicit Encounters, the UK’s leading dating dating site, found that the London borough with the highest number of affairs is Bromley.

A whopping 4.7% of the Bromley population have affairs – making up a total of 14,586 people.

In second place was Tower Hamlets, with 13,659 affairs in progress – a total of 4.27% of the population.

London’s most loyal district was revealed to be Ealing, with 11,241 affairs and only 1.39% of the population as cheaters.

Here’s how faithful or not, the other boroughs of south east London are:


Location: 21

Percentage of people in business: 1.9%

Number of cases: 10,659


Location: 30

Percentage of people in business: 1.55%

Number of cases: 9,996


Location: 17

Percentage of people in business: 1.96%

Number of cases: 13,662


Location: 22

Percentage of people in business: 1.89%

Number of cases: 13,654

On the whole, London is actually quite faithful as the city came in 51st place out of 52 cities on cheat events.

There are 168,322 deals in London this year – equivalent to 0.55% of the population.

This is to be compared with 151,409 cases that took place last year in London – which shows that the number of cheaters has increased.

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