Bury South MP Christian Wakeford withdraws from the Conservative Party to join Labor

RADCLIFFE’s MP has withdrawn dramatically from the Conservative Party and applied to become a member of Labor.

Earlier today, it was revealed that Bury South’s Christian Wakeford had sent a letter of no confidence to the Conservatives’ 1922 committee.

And now he has written to David Nuttall, chairman of the Bury South Conservatives, to resign his resignation from the Tory party.

Wakeford’s majority is 402, and he became the seventh Conservative MP to publicly urge Mr Johnson to go on Tuesday.

In his letter, Mr Wakeford writes: “I would like to inform you that today I have written to the Prime Minister to inform him of my decision to step down from the Conservative Party and apply to become a member of Labor.

“As of today, I will be sitting as a Labor MP for Bury South because I have come to the conclusion that the best interests of my constituents are being taken care of by the program presented by Keir Starmer and his party.

“I have a passionate concern for the people of Bury South and I have concluded that the policies of the Conservative government led by Boris Johnson do nothing to help the people in the constituency and in fact only do the struggles they face on a daily basis, worse.

“Britain needs a government that is focused on tackling the cost of living crisis and providing a way out of the pandemic that protects living standards and defends everyone’s security.

“It needs a government that maintains the highest standards of integrity and honesty in public life, and unfortunately both the Prime Minister and the Conservative Party as a whole have been unable to offer the leadership and government that this country deserves. .

“Being elected MP for Bury South was the proudest day of my life. I love the area very much and will always be grateful to those who have supported me.

“Today, however, I have no doubt that they will be better served by me joining a party that really has their interests at heart.

“I have struggled with my conscience for many months and you will know that I have made my political concerns clear on several occasions privately and sometimes publicly.

“I can no longer support a government that has consistently proved out of touch with the hard-working people of Bury South and the country as a whole.

“Under Keir Starmer, the Labor Party is back solidly at the heart of British politics, in touch with working people and ready to provide an alternative government that this country can be proud of and not embarrassed about.

“My decision is about much more than Boris Johnson’s management and the disgraceful way he has behaved in recent weeks.

“However, I do not believe that all politicians are the same, and I believe that politics can be a force for good. So does Keir Starmer.

“He has shown that integrity in the way he has led his party on issues that matter to me, not least the vital challenge of fighting anti-Semitism.

“I will always put the people of Bury South first and will continue to speak for the changes the area needs. Changes that can only be delivered by a Labor government under Keir Starmer.

“I would like to thank you for your support of me over the last two years, but it is with regret that I have decided that I have no choice but to make this announcement today.”

A Bury MP has joined the growing chorus of backers urging Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign.

Conservative Christian Wakeford, who has represented Bury South since the 2019 election and won a majority of 402, became the seventh MP to send a letter of no confidence.

This comes as the Prime Minister faces growing pressure to resign following a series of allegations of partying on Downing Street during the lockdown.

Many of the MPs who have publicly voted against Mr Johnson won their seats by a slim majority in the 2019 election, but some have said plans to get rid of the Prime Minister go much wider.

MPs from the former Red Wall reportedly met with Mr Johnson to discuss his future at a meeting nicknamed the “pork pie plot” of “pork pie putsch”.

Johnson, who was reported to have spent Tuesday night in his Commons office meeting with potential insurgents, apologized several times in a major broadcast interview for “misjudgments made.”

However, he stuck to his defense that he thought a “bring your own booze” party in Garden No. 10 was just a work event.

When asked if he had lied to Parliament over the parties while visiting a hospital in north London, Mr Johnson said: “No. I will start by repeating my apologies to everyone for the misjudgments I have made, as we may have done in No. 10 and beyond, whether it’s in Downing Street or during the entire pandemic.

“No one told me that what we were doing was against the rules, that the event in question was something that … was not a work event, and as I said in the House of Commons when I went out into that garden, I thought I was attending a work event.

“I humbly apologize to people for the misjudgments that were made, but that’s the very best of my recollection of this event.”

He later confirmed that he had testified about a study conducted by senior official in the civil service, Sue Gray, which has been described as “formidable”.

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While Chancellor Rishi Sunak has refused to give his full support behind Mr Johnson, Culture Minister Nadine Dorries said those who voted against him “are disloyal to the prime minister, the party, their voters and the wider country”.

Deputy Labor leader Angela Rayner said Mr Johnson “needs to go”.

“I think he’s trying to take the British public for granted. He’s not sorry he was obviously attending a party, he knows it’s against the rules; he’s sorry he was taken for it. , ”She told the PA news agency.

“I think people are incredibly frustrated.”

“Of course he does not want to, and now it is up to his MPs to do the right thing.”

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