Camilla Long: who were the heroes and villains of history’s most watched funeral? | Culture

The State Funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II
All channels, Mon

It was the crown that did it for me. Removed with shaking gloves from the top of the coffin — her most beloved trinket, gone. The camera tracked it fetishistically as, diamonds glittering, it was put on the high altar.

This was the moment that the Queen stopped being a queen. What a throat-catching bit of regal sorcery to be caught on the small screen. Someone pressed a button and the coffin disappeared, vampire-like, into the ground. A piper piped. The music faded away.

Our Queen vanished, as magically as she had come.

And then, of course, it was back to the studio! Where Kirsty Young was spread out on a sofa like a

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