Stretching, range of motion and aerobic exercise all slow cognitive decline, study says

“My worry in the beginning of the study was ‘What if only aerobic makes a difference? Good luck getting the majority of Americans to do aerobic exercise on a regular basis!’ It’s not sustainable,” said study author Laura Baker, a professor of gerontology and geriatric medicine at Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, … Read more

Nine Omicron Covid symptoms affecting the fully vaccinated – and signs you may have it

The UK is currently embroiled in a fifth wave of Covid-19 infections, experts have warned, adding that summer festivals bringing large crowds together could turn into super-spreader events if precautions are not taken. The country saw a 43 per cent spike in coronavirus cases at the beginning of June, seemingly caused by people coming together … Read more

Hannibal Lecter’s Most Famous Line Is Actually A “Secret” Medical Joke

The foods weren’t chosen at random. Image credit: Anton_Ivanov/ If you went to see psychological horror classic Silence of the Lambs in the theaters and wondered why Hannibal Lecter’s most famous line in the movie got a surprisingly loud guffaw from the person in the audience who was wearing full scrubs, it turns out that’s … Read more

1 Through Treatment, 1 Cured Naturally

Two more patients were announced functionally “cured” of HIV during AIDS 2022. One male patient underwent a bone marrow transplant from a donor who is HIV immune. The other person, a woman, has an “atypical” number of special cells that may attack HIV, making her an “elite controller” of the infection. Loading Something is loading. … Read more

Why you shouldn’t be afraid to bare your arms in midlife

Beauty routines throughout my life have focused on my face. And in summer, my legs. And feet. Every now and then, my hands would get a look in. So it comes as some surprise that now, what I notice most are my arms.  Oh for those heady days of halternecks, vest tops, spaghetti straps and … Read more

Do you really have to disclose it to sex partners?

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These Foods Can Help Reduce The Risk of This Undetected Chronic Disease — Eat This Not That

It’s easy to forget about kidney health, but those two bean-shaped organs are incredibly important to your overall health, responsible for maintaining a healthy balance of water, salts, and minerals in your blood, as well as filtering out waste and harmful toxins. When the kidneys are not working properly, an individual may experience a number … Read more

Ultraprocessed food linked to mental decline, study finds

We all know eating ultraprocessed foods that make our lives easier — such as prepackaged soups, sauces, frozen pizza and ready-to-eat meals — isn’t good for our health. Nor is gobbling up all the pleasure foods that we love so much: hot dogs, sausages, burgers, french fries, sodas, cookies, cakes, candies, doughnuts and ice cream, … Read more

Long COVID, rest, and helping our immune systems recover | Doctor’s Note

As of July 29, 2022, the World Health Organization (WHO) has put the confirmed cases of COVID-19 at more than half a billion and the number of COVID-related deaths at over 6.3 million. In addition to the identified COVID infections or reported cases, there is also a large fraction of covert infections due to a … Read more

Mayo Clinic Study Uncovers Dietary Trick To Help Prevent Kidney Stones

Kidney stones illustration. Mayo Clinic researchers found that enriching diets with foods high in calcium and potassium may prevent recurrent symptomatic kidney stones. Diets Higher in Calcium and Potassium May Help Prevent Recurrent Symptomatic Kidney Stones Not only can kidney stones cause excruciating pain, but they also are associated with chronic kidney disease, osteoporosis, and … Read more