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This hairdresser gives lessons on how to discuss climate change with clients

Our planet is changing. So is our journalism. This weekly newsletter is part of a CBC News initiative entitled “Our Changing Planet” to show and explain the effects of climate change. Keep up with the latest news on our Climate and Environment page. Sign up here to get this newsletter in your inbox every Thursday. This week: This … Read more

Powerhouse Parramatta: entertainment centre ‘masquerading’ as a museum has high flood risk, inquiry finds | Culture

The New South Wales government’s controversial $1.34bn Powerhouse Parramatta project is in danger of becoming an entertainment and events centre “masquerading” as a museum, and the ongoing risk of flooding to a priceless collection still has not been comprehensively addressed, according to the findings in a NSW upper house inquiry. Tabled in parliament on Friday, … Read more

First-time buyer met with gasps by Question Time audience

She continued: “They are saying ‘you need to immediately look at putting your application through because if you don’t the lenders may even pull these offers’.” At this, Lord Karan Bilimoria, who was a member of Thursday’s Question Time panel, shook his head with a look of solemn incredulity. The audience member added: “For me … Read more

Florida’s home insurance market was a mess before Ian. It’s about to get worse

New York CNN Business  —  Florida homeowners were already facing an expensive and difficult market for home insurance before Hurricane Ian. The devastating storm is about to make things worse — even for those fortunate enough to escape any damage. For the better part of two decades, the nation’s major insurers have wanted as little … Read more

Hurricane Ian starts lashing South Carolina after leaving at least 19 dead and millions without power across Florida

CNN  —  As Florida wakes up Friday to apocalyptic, coast-to-coast damage – with searchers still going door-to-door and millions without power – deadly Hurricane Ian has begun lashing South Carolina, where an expected Friday afternoon landfall threatens more lethal flooding and could be powerful enough to alter the coastal landscape. After killing at least 19 … Read more

Skull found in search for Moors murders victim Keith Bennett

Geologist Lesley Dunlop also carried out soil analysis at the scene which indicated human remains were present. Chemical analysis revealed high levels of calcium and phosphorus which indicates bones were in the soil. There was also nickel present which is usually found in zips and fastenings as well as the clothing dye cobalt, which would … Read more

‘Justinflation’ can’t be said in the House of Commons, but MPs are trying anyway

Marie-Danielle Smith, The Canadian Press Published Friday, September 30, 2022 6:30AM EDT The Conservatives’ cheeky term for inflation under the Liberals has got some MPs into trouble in the House of Commons, where saying “Justinflation” has been deemed verboten. Speaker Anthony … Read more

Chase Kojima’s Darling Square “Fast Fine-Dining” Japanese Eatery Simulation Senpai Is Closing

Chase Kojima (Sokyo), one of Sydney’s greatest Japanese chefs, is closing his “high-end fast food” diner Simulation Senpai in Darling Square, a little over a year after it opened. The Japanese eatery, which is known for its super-fresh sashimi and chirashi (sushi rice topped with sashimi), will call it a day on November 6. Simulation … Read more