This 130 million year old ichthyosaur was a ‘hypercarnivore’ with knife-like teeth

This 130 million year old ichthyosaur was a ‘hypercarnivore’ with knife-like teeth

You do not want to meet an ichthyosaur while taking a dip in the early hours Chalk the seas. It goes double for Sachicarum: This newly identified 130-million-year-old marine reptile, now known from fossils in central Colombia, had larger, more knife-like teeth than other ichthyosaur species, a new study finds – and it says something … Read more

Harvard-led researchers document the presence

Harvard-led researchers document the presence

picture: Prof. Mikhail Lukin (left) and Giulia Semeghini, lead researcher, observe a state of matter that has been predicted and hunted for 50 years, but never previously observed. Inside the LISE building, they study quantum spin liquids using lasers. Kris Snibbe / Harvard Staff Photographer view more Credit: Kris Snibbe / Harvard Staff Photographer In … Read more

Brian Cox Doomsday Scenario that Human Civilization ‘Approaches to Destroy Itself’ | Science | News

Brian Cox discusses the ‘disturbing’ nature of black holes The physicist returned to the screens last night with the final episode of his BBC series, ‘Universe: Where everything begins and ends’. Professor Cox asks how the universe came to be, and explores how groundbreaking space missions have revealed the universe’s origins, how discoveries have helped … Read more

Total solar eclipse to bring black sun, sudden darkness to Antarctica

Direct Travel, which runs the website, announced a cruise to the Southern Ocean to meet the shadow of the moon. The weather can be a challenge in the notoriously stormy region, but the cruise, which departs from Argentina, also offers other attractions, including a meeting with penguins on the Antarctic Palmer Peninsula. Prices range … Read more

NASA is launching a laser demo that could revolutionize space communications

NASA’s upcoming Laser Communications Relay Demonstration could revolutionize the way the agency communicates with future missions across the solar system. According to the agency, these lasers can lead to more high-definition videos and images from space than ever before. The mission will be launched as a payload aboard the US Department of Defense’s space test … Read more

Total Solar Eclipse 2021: What time is the next eclipse and how to see it

Want to see Saturday’s solar eclipse? Book a flight to Antarctica, or take a cruise around the South Orkney Islands, the only places where the sun gets completely darkened on December 4th. Some people in other parts of the southern hemisphere will have the chance to experience a partial eclipse, according to the National Aeronautics … Read more