Changes en route to TSA checkpoints at Denver Airport

DENVER – Major changes are coming Tuesday for Transportation Security Administration checkpoints at Denver International Airport ahead of the holiday season.

As of November 2, the tracks at DIA’s South and A Bridge checkpoints will be for general screening only. This means that anyone with a regular boarding pass will want to go there.

For example, if you have TSA PreCheck, you will want to go to the northern checkpoint, as this is where you will find more dedicated lanes.

Travelers will also find the airline’s premium access runways there along with a few general screening runways and a Travel-Lite runway. It is for travelers with only, for example, a backpack, purse or briefcase. No rolling luggage will be accepted on that lane.

TSA spokeswoman Lorie Dankers says these changes are in preparation for a busy holiday season as the airport sees more and more travelers.

“We need to make sure we are ready for it, make sure our operations are running 100% and make sure our staff is ready to go too,” she said. “We will continue to fine-tune the operation in hopes of being able to find the most effective way to get people through security.”

Some travelers, like Emily Toney, arrive at the airport almost three hours in advance to avoid TSA headaches.

“I think the last time I came here, I waited for an hour in safety. So yeah, it’s been so bad,” she said.

She does not have TSA PreCheck, so it would be helpful to have more general screening lanes at the southern checkpoint.

“I would love it, 100%,” Toney said. “The more lines you make, the easier I think it will be.”

As the world’s third-busiest airport becomes even busier, the airport and TSA staff are trying to find ways to alleviate congestion.

“This is a step in that direction,” airport spokeswoman Stephanie Figueroa said Friday.

The airport also plans to remove the construction walls to help travelers better navigate the terminal.

“Just before Thanksgiving, we expect the walls in the middle of the terminal at levels five and six to fall, making it much easier for passengers to get from north or south, south to north,” Figueroa said.

While these changes are no silver lining, people like Toney are happy that the airport is adapting in the midst of its own growing pains.

“[DIA] is not the best right now, but working for it, “Toney said.

The airport still warns travelers to arrive two hours before their departure time to allow the TSA screening. If necessary, the TSA will open additional PreCheck lanes at South and A Bridge checkpoints.


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