Check out the latest 2 screened homes in and around Washington DC

WASHINGTON DC, DC – Compulsory housing auctions in Washington DC can offer buyers more affordable options. Newly available houses screened show a number of them at a reasonable price.


We have put together new foreclosures to help potential buyers in the area see what’s out there.

Here are five newly screened properties in the Washington DC area – such as one in the Washington area with 2 beds and 1 bath for $ 459,900 and another in the area.

Do you like what you see? Just click on any address in the list to get more pictures and details. Good house hunting!

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Price: $ 540,800

Size: 770 sqm, 2 beds and 2 bathrooms

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Price: $ 459,900

Size: 852 sqm, 2 beds and 1 bathroom

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