Check your open flue heaters

Energy Safe Victoria [ESV} will prohibit the sale of certain types of open flued gas space heaters which do not meet safety standards.

From Monday, August 1, any open flued gas space heater sold or installed in Victoria must automatically shut down if it starts spilling carbon monoxide in a negative pressure environment.

ESV commission chair Marnie Williams said carbon monoxide poisoning can cause serious health issues and death.

“ESV has taken this action in the interests of community safety,” she said.

“The dangers of carbon monoxide leaking from open flued gas space heaters are well established and well known.

“These heaters are old technology and pose an unacceptable safety risk, so we have prohibited their sale.”

Ms Williams said it will be illegal to sell or supply heaters which do not meet the new safety standards from Monday, August 1.

“Manufacturers and suppliers have raised objections to this action and we have given them fair hearing and consideration,” she said.

“Industry has been given time to adapt their supply lines to include the shutdown safety capability.

“It is time to draw a line in the sand and prohibit these heaters from sale to ensure their eventual phase out.”

Ms Williams said ESV will ensure compliance with the prohibition through monitoring online sales of new and second-hand heaters, audits of manufacturing facilities and warehouses and inspections at retail outlets.

“Everyone with an open flued gas heater already installed should ensure they get it serviced at least once every two years by a qualified gasfitter,” she said.

“I’d also encourage people to replace their heater when possible.

“There are many alternative heating options that are cost effective and more efficient.”

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