Cop26: Activists crochet ‘hypocrite’ Alok Sharma at youth climate event

Activists have interrupted a speech by Alok Sharma, the minister who is president of the Cop26 conference.

He was speaking at the closing ceremony of the COY16 youth conference on Saturday night when a group of delegates stood up and branded him a “hypocrite” for the British government’s support for the Cambo oil field.

The young delegates led shouts from the crowd before leaving the auditorium at Strathclyde University.

They held up a green “Fridays for Future” flag while reading a statement.

“Alok Sharma and the British government are hypocrites,” the activist said.

“They are opening the new Cambo oil field, they are subsidizing billions for fossil fuels, but will not take care of the workers who need a fair transition.

“Where is the support for countries in crisis as a result of our colonial history?”

Environmentalists have called for plans to begin extraction at the Cambo oil field, west of the Shetland Islands, to be scrapped.

COY16 was the official youth event for Cop26, bringing together young climate delegates from around the world.

It began on Thursday, and at the closing ceremony on Friday, Mr Sharma was presented with a Global Youth Statement.

During his speech, Mr Sharma said: “I see myself as part of this collective movement with you.

“What we are trying to achieve is to get world leaders to commit to limiting global warming.

“Simply put, that’s what we’re trying to do.”

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