COP26 bucket worker strikes back in Glasgow

Bin workers in Glasgow will continue to strike tonight as world leaders land in the city center on the first day of COP26.

More than 100 world leaders are expected to arrive in Glasgow on Monday as the first day of the two-day world leaders’ summit takes place at the UN climate conference COP26.

The planned strike was previously called off on Friday after a new wage offer from the municipality’s umbrella body Cosla.

The GMB then said it would suspend the strike for two weeks to consult with members.

On Sunday, GMB accused Scotland’s secretary Louise Gilmour of Glasgow City Council for “failing to give our members the right time and space to consider the 11-hour offer from Cosla”.

She said there is “too much bad faith among members” before the council.

“Therefore, our members in cleansing have informed us that they will still continue with the planned strike from 00.01 on Monday 1 November. We are convening an emergency meeting with the council as soon as possible and we will work until one minute to midnight tonight to try to rectify this.

“We have also brought the situation to the attention of the Scottish Government and are in touch with the Prime Minister’s Office, but without further dialogue the Glasgow City Council’s cleansing service will take strike action from tomorrow and throughout the first full week of the COP26 summit.”

GMB called for a salary increase of GBP 2,000 and previously rejected an offer of an increase of GBP 850 per year for staff earning up to GBP 25,000.

The Cosla proposal presented on Friday is a one-year increase of 5.89% for the lowest paid councilors, as part of an increase of GBP 1,062 for all staff earning less than GBP 25,000.

The Scottish Government provided £ 30 million to support the offer.

Councilor Gail Macgregor, COSLA Resources spokeswoman, said: “By presenting our new and improved offer to our union colleagues on Friday – we were pleased to note that it was accepted with the expectation that the strike action would be suspended while presenting the new offers for their membership for consideration.

In particular, the GMB issued a public statement stating that they suspended the strike for a period of two weeks from Friday, while the voting of their members was conducted nationally across all 32 councils affected by this.

“We very much hope that this remains the case and that all members are given the opportunity to participate while maintaining essential services.”

Glasgow City Council and Cosla have been contacted for comment.

This is a news story and will be updated.

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