COP26: Greta Thunberg arrives in Glasgow ahead of a chaotic week of protests

GRETA Thunberg has arrived in Glasgow ahead of the Cop26 summit as world leaders prepare to discuss the climate crisis.

The Swedish activist arrived at Glasgow Central station on Saturday night after taking a train from London Euston.

Other climate activists from across Europe also arrived at the station with a specially chartered “climate train” that evening.

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They were greeted with song and banners from groups gathered at the station.

HeraldScotland: Thumbs up from Greta (PA)Thumbs up from Greta (PA)

The arrival of youth activists comes ahead of an intense week of international talks, with leaders and delegates from around the world trying to find solutions to the climate crisis.

Mrs Thunberg traveled to Scotland after taking part in a demonstration outside a London bank on Friday.

She was bullied by other climate change activists at the protest outside Standard Charter’s headquarters as they lobbied for the global financial system that supports the use of fossil fuels.

She is also expected to speak at a rally held on Saturday hosted by the Cop26 coalition.

However, Mrs Thunberg has said that her formal participation in the summit itself is uncertain.

In a preview of her BBC One show on Sunday, Andrew Marr asked Mrs Thunberg if she had been invited to Cop26, to which she replied: “I do not know. It is very unclear. Not official.

“I think a lot of people can be afraid that if they invite too many radical young people, it can make them look bad.”

The arrival of the 120 leaders and 30,000 delegates brings with them thousands more people protesting in an attempt to put pressure on Cop26 officials.

Protests in Glasgow began earlier this week and more are expected every day in the city as it hosts the climate conference.

After four students chained their necks to the University of Glasgow Memorial Gate yesterday, several demonstrations were seen in Glasgow Green today along with a heavy police presence.

HeraldScotland: Thousands gathered at Glasgow Central StationThousands gathered at Glasgow Central Station

All action seemed to be peaceful today as extermination rebel activists joined pilgrims who walked thousands of miles to take part in the protests in Glasgow.

Find out when and where all the protests and marches take place in Scotland here.

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