Cop26 railway chaos as fallen wood cancels all routes between London and Glasgow

Yellow warnings for wind and rain are in place over large parts of the west and elsewhere, and more are likely.

Tom Morgan, a meteorologist at the Meteorologist, said: “We have a deep Atlantic area with low pressure, bringing a very strong band of rain and rushing winds across the country, but especially in the south of England.

“We have seen some very strong gusts of wind on the south coast … and some reports of damage from the wind. It is not excluded that there will have been some local, short funnel clouds or tornadoes.

“In the last few days, we’ve seen some reports and seen some pictures of funnel clouds and water spout that look like tornadoes.”

Northamptonshire Police said it had received a large number of calls regarding weather conditions and that trees had been knocked down on dozens of roads in the county.

A close call was experienced by Pastor Richard Coles, vicar of Finedon, who wrote on Twitter: “We were just praying for the COP26 conference in the church when we were hit by what I can only describe as a tornado that excluded a number of trees including this tax before conquest. “


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