COP26: Trains from London Euston to Glasgow are delayed or canceled after felled wood and severe weather cause travel chaos on the first day of the climate summit | Travel news

Hundreds of people were unable to travel by train from London to Glasgow on the first day of the COP26 climate summit today after a fallen tree and severe weather triggered railway chaos.

That trip the outage earlier today was caused by damage to electrical wires between Rugby and Milton Keynes on the West Coast Main Line.

Travelers expressed their frustration over the delays on social media, to which many alluded extreme weather on the first day of COP26 be a reminder of the effects of climate change.

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COP26: Train to Glasgow delayed by wood on rails

Meanwhile, the Met Office said the delays were triggered by heavy rain and gusts of more than 80 km / h across the country.

Krish Kandiah, a global ambassador for the charity World Vision, issued a warning about Britain’s public transport infrastructure as he struggled to attend the Glasgow climate conference.

He said: “Our public transport infrastructure is unreliable; if we are to make our economy greener, public transport must work for people to give up their cars and planes.

“Here we are arriving at a very significant climate conference, and British public transport does not appear to be ready for the task.”

Hundreds of people were left stranded at Euston after trains were canceled due to a felled tree
Hundreds of people were left stranded at Euston after trains were canceled due to a felled tree

Elsewhere, LBC Westminster correspondent Ben Kentish added some people who had booked flights to get to COP26 said it was “embarrassing”.

Sir. Kentish wrote on Twitter: “Lots of people with tickets on trains to Glasgow for COP26 now have to book flights instead because of the mess which is the British rail network.

“Very embarrassing start to the conference.”

Network Rail soon issued a statement advising people to travel to Glasgow on Monday instead.

“We are advising passengers looking to get from London to Glasgow to travel tomorrow,” a spokesman said. “This is due to the impact that extremely heavy rain and strong winds have had on the railway today.

“All lines to the north have been affected at times, including the west coast main line, which remains impassable due to damaged electrical wiring.

The big debate
The big debate

“We are really sad about this. We are there to get people and goods quickly from A to B. But today’s extreme weather prevailed.

“During the night, our engineers will be repairing damaged overhead lines near Rugby in order to get passengers moving tomorrow.”

South Western Railway also apologized to customers after trees blocked part of the network, causing cancellations, delays and service changes.

It advised passengers to “only travel if necessary”.

The G20 summit failed to gain momentum ahead of Glasgow's COP26
The G20 summit failed to gain momentum ahead of Glasgow’s COP26

London Euston also advised people to travel Monday morning instead.

Meteorologist Tom Morgan said the Met Office suggested there may have been some “localized tornadoes” in some regions.

He said: “We have a deep Atlantic area with low pressure that brings a very strong band of rain and rushing winds all over the country but especially in the south of England.

“We have seen some very strong gusts of wind on the south coast … and some reports of damage from the wind.

“It is not excluded that there will have been some local, short funnel clouds or tornadoes.

“In the last few days, we’ve seen some reports and seen some pictures of funnel clouds and water spout that look like tornadoes.”

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