Coronavirus Melbourne: Victoria registers 1471 new cases, four deaths

Victoria has registered 1,471 new cases, bringing the number of active cases in the state to 21,959.

Victoria has registered 1,471 new cases and four deaths overnight as the state returns to a sense of normalcy.

A total of 46,065 tests were registered, 699 people are in hospital and 136 in intensive care.

91.7 percent of Victorians have received their first dose and 80.3 percent are fully vaccinated.

The number of active cases is now 21,959.

Over the weekend, the Victorian government announced it would scrap its daily Covid press conferences after 160 consecutive appearances.

Chief health officer Professor Brett Sutton said he was looking forward to taking a step back.

But he said there were “a lot” of public health issues that still required his attention.

“I hate to say it, I’m not going to miss you all,” he told the media on Friday.

Covid Commander Jeroen Weimar said on Saturday: “The media aspect of my role is a small fragment of what I do”.

Weimar said he would continue to log on at 6 p.m. 8.15 every Saturday morning to work out daily priorities with his team.

Sir. Weimar said Victoria could finally start looking towards connecting with NSW and the rest of the world again.


Driving tests will restart in Melbourne from Monday, as holders of intergovernmental and overseas driving licenses will also have to change their driving licenses again.

Individuals who had their license tests canceled due to Covid-19 restrictions will now be able to book appointments at VicRoad’s customer service centers throughout the city.

They will be contacted and given priority access to test bookings.

License testing, which has been taking place in the Victoria region since September, is also resuming in Melbourne.

Transport department head of transportation services, Nick Foa, said all other subway customers who wanted to make an appointment could do so from November 6th.

“While personal testing is returning, an online Learners Permit Test and Hazard Perception Test have given potential drivers a greater degree of flexibility, allowing them to take their test anytime, anywhere,” he said.

About 35,000 VicRoads license agreements were canceled between August 5 and October 22 due to the shutdown, of which 20,000 were personal driving tests.

Rules requiring all driving license holders of interstate and foreign driving licenses to convert theirs to a Victorian driving license within six months of living in the state were reintroduced in mid-October.

The rules were paused for two periods during the pandemic, first in April last year for 12 months, and then again in the same period this year for six months.

Sir. Foa encouraged new residents to make reservations to avoid “driving illegally”.

An online tool on the VicRoads website can help motorists calculate the date on which to transfer their intergovernmental or overseas driving licenses.


Tens of thousands of vaccinated Victorian TAFE students return to campus on Monday after spending much of the past 20 months on distance learning.

The comeback will be a relief for the 55,700 students who expect to complete their course this year.

Enrollments in the state’s 12 TAFEs increased during the pandemic due to people seeking to retrain, the absence of a mid-year overseas vacation for school students and more free courses offered.

New enrollments rose by about 11 percent this year alone.

This year, nearly 260,000 Victorians were enrolled in the TAFE and training system.

Education and Skills Minister Gayle Tierney said that despite Covid-enforced disruptions, the Victorian skills and training sector adapted to provide distance learning and flexible learning.

The pressure is expected to increase on the TAFE sector in the coming years to address the shortage of skills created by the pandemic, particularly in health care and hospitality.

Mandatory vaccinations will also apply in the university sector with double-jabbed students and staff being allowed to return to all campuses across the country this month.


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