Crescent Beach is a cute coastal town less than 1 hour from Vancouver

Crescent Beach is a secluded corner of Surrey near White Rock that has its own beach town vibe. It really feels like you’re a world away from Vancouver when you get here.

In fact, it feels like a mini-Cape Cod with all the houses along the boardwalk.

During the summer months, Crescent Beach is usually busy and lively – filled with locals and tourists eating fish and chips by the beach and enjoying themselves on the beaches.

When it’s fall and winter, it’s a great place to watch storms that are much closer to Vancouver than Tofino.

Find a place to park your car and walk down Beecher Street to find out where you want your coffee, lunch or dinner that day.

And if a day trip is not long enough for you, then there are a handful of beachy Airbnbs you can stay at to make a weekend out of it. Here are a few places and things to do in Crescent Beach:

Go for a walk

crescent beach

Amanda Wawryk

Regardless of the season, it’s always a good time to go for a walk in Crescent Beach, especially if you’re bringing a furry best friend.

Hooked Fish Bar

Seaside fish and chips literally steps from the beach? It feels like summer all year round here.

Christmas pizza

Locals love this hidden and very authentic Roman-style pizza place with fermented sourdough crust and ultra-fresh ingredients.

Sunflower cafe

Grab your morning coffee and breakfast at this colorful cafe before taking a stroll along the beach.

Sunflower Lane

Can you find this hidden path with beautiful art and flowers?

Blackie Spit

Capture the sunset at Blackie Spit and take the best sea views from the pier.

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