Daily skincare routine

One can argue endlessly that the face is a mirror of our age and health… We use dermal fillers as one of the best options to keep skin young for a long time. This is certainly true – but there are also more pragmatic reasons why complex facials should be a mandatory daily routine.

It is important to understand that daily facial care is not only about taking care of the current state of the skin: cleansing, nourishing, moisturizing, and strengthening it. It is also serious work for the future. Properly selected facial skin care allows you to fight the signs of premature aging, dehydration, the appearance of fine wrinkles, ptosis (sagging skin), and hyperpigmentation.


Every day, dust, dirt and excess sebum accumulate on the skin, so facial care cannot be imagined without cleansing. All products are best selected individually, paying attention to skin types. Sometimes skin type can be difficult to determine, so for your daily face, choose an all-in-one cleanser that lathers well, gently cleanses the skin, and doesn’t leave a sticky film feeling.

  1. Apply a small amount of gel to wet hands;
  2. Beat the gel into a light airy foam;
  3. Spread over the entire face with circular massaging movements, not forgetting the neck and décolleté;
  4. Continue washing for 30-60 seconds;
  5. Rinse with water and pat your face dry with a washcloth or washcloth.


A comprehensive facial also includes a skin toning step. It is often skipped, although it is this step that helps fight skin dehydration. Perfectly complements the soothing facial toner to complete the cleansing process while intensely moisturizing and toning the skin.

Use the facial toner in the morning to prep your skin for makeup, or in the evening to complement your skincare routine:

  • apply a small amount to cleansed skin with a cotton pad;
  • spread with palms all over the face;
  • proceed to further care, using a serum or moisturizer for the face.

Skin nutrition

If your face is planned for the evening, do not forget the hyaluronic acid face mask to restore freshness and a healthy glow to the skin in the morning. Sometimes a dense moisturizer penetrates only into the epidermis, and the deeper layers of the skin remain without moisture.


Moisturizing cosmetics is the key to maintaining the moisture balance of the skin. During the hot season, the sweat glands on the body and face work tenfold to allow the body to cool down. If you’re already using masks, toners, and serums, the only thing left to do is complete your facial with the right moisturizer to carry around in your purse.


Protecting your skin from UV radiation is one of the most important steps in personal care! If some women allow themselves, for example, to skip toning, then the use of funds with SPF should be mandatory!

How to choose a product?

Oily skin: intensively cleansing, soothing, and moisturizing products are recommended for you. You can choose products that do not “clog” pores – usually, this can be understood by the “non-comedogenic” mark on the package or in the product description.

  1. Dry skin: It is worth looking at intensively moisturizing, restoring, and firming products. Your goal: is to restore the protective barrier of the skin and prevent moisture from evaporating from its surface.
  2. Combination skin: for such skin, you should select products that will help maintain the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier without clogging the pores in the T-zone.
  3. Normal skin: In this case, it is recommended to take care not to overdry the skin. You can choose products that strengthen the protective functions of the skin and help prevent dehydration.

When choosing the right products, you can be guided by the information on what type of skin the product is intended for, as indicated on the package. After all, manufacturers are trying to create cosmetics specifically taking into account the needs of a particular type of skin.

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