Darwin shooter Benjamin Hoffmann refuses to accept ultimate responsibility for rampage, as sentencing approaches

Darwin mass shooter Benjamin Hoffmann has told the Northern Territory Supreme Court he feels “horrible” for killing four people in a drug-affected rampage, however has refused to accept ultimate responsibility for his actions.

Hassan Baydoun, Michael Sisois, Robert Courtney and Nigel Hellings were killed during the shooting spree through the Northern Territory’s capital on June 4, 2019. 

Hoffmann last year pleaded guilty to three counts of murder and one of manslaughter over the deaths, part-way through what was expected to be a nine-week trial.

His sentencing has faced lengthy delays after he repeatedly fired his legal team and made unfounded allegations his lawyers were working against him.

During his trial, Hoffmann made claims of corruption and coercion, giving handwritten letters to the Supreme Court judge presiding over his case.

Prior to sentencing submissions today, despite pleas from his legal representative not to do so, Hoffmann took to the stand to give evidence.

Benjamin Hoffmann sits in the back of a police cage in a police car after his arrest.
Benjamin Hoffmann has been in custody since his arrest in June, 2019.(Supplied)

Hoffmann told the court he felt remorseful for his actions and had experienced psychotic delusions and heard voices during the incident.

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