DC natives compete at the Washington International Horse Show

Chloe Reid competes at the highest level in jumping and has her goal aimed at the Olympics.

MILL SPRING, NC – Chloe Reid traveled to the Tryon International Equestrian Center in Mill Spring, North Carolina this week for the Washington International Horse Show. Reid is a rising star from Washington DC. She competes against some of the best in the world and seeks to make her mark on this sport.

“I am an athlete, but I also have the horse athlete under me, and the partnership of working with an animal that does not speak the same language is a challenge. But it’s a fun challenge, and it’s what makes us all come back every day and try to improve that relationship and improve that bond to be successful, ”Reid said.

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Reid was born and raised in Washington DC’s Georgetown neighborhood. Now, as a 25-year-old, she competes at the highest level in jumping. But her love of riding began 21 years ago.

“When I was really little, I started in Meadowbrook Stables [in Chevy Chase, Maryland] and it was really convenient because it was 30 minutes from my house. My parents drove me out there as much as I could after school. All I wanted to do was be in the barn, ”Reid said.

When Reid was growing up, her mother, Juliet, was president of the Washington International Horse Show. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic moving it to North Carolina this year, competing in this show has a special significance.

“I grew up a bit with the Washington International Horse Show at home, so it’s nice to be able to come back here. It’s always been my hometown show. My teachers would come and look at me, my friends would come and look at me from school, and growing up in DC was not really possible most of the time. So having a show in Washington was really fun, “Reid said.

Reid competes against the best in the world and has aimed for the world’s biggest stage.

“Many of us have the ultimate goal of representing our country at the highest level, of going to the Olympics, the Nation’s Cup Finals, just of representing the United States, that is certainly the ultimate goal,” Reid said.

Reid believes that it is within reach to have success in the top tier of the sport and welcomes the pressure that comes with it.

“I think the more pressure I have, the better I ride. When it’s too relaxed, I might get a little too relaxed,” Reid said.

Focusing on his future, Reid will continue to chase championships for years to come, adding: “I can see myself doing this for a long time.”

Reid competes Saturday night in the World Cup Grand Prix here at the Washington International Horse Show, and seeks to qualify for the World Cup final next April in Germany.

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