DJ Akademiks responds to Freddie Gibbs saying he could have smoked him

The problems between DJ Akademiks and Freddie Gibbs started in 2020, when the two got into a heated exchange on Twitter. Since then, the two have exchanged words over the past year, and now it seems the feud between them has erupted again.

Akademiks recently posted a video of rapper Ron Suno and Kay Flock fighting while at the Rolling Loud Festival that went down in New York. Freddie Gibbs responded to the video, saying, “I hope you post it when I come across you.” Gibbs then went into Akademiks in another post and said, “I could be a smoked academic. His pick gave me his home address months ago. The n **** zi LA he was with last week would not protect him if I went into it no jumper interview. I know them all. God has bigger plans for me but when I get bored I’m back on yo a **. On VL. “

Akademiks wasted no time and replied with “Well, stfu about s ** tu ain’t finna do.” Freddie responded by saying, “We ride bikes,” along with “I let a lot of n **** z inhale the Lord’s good oxygen, and they still want to blow it up as if they are not privileged.” Take a look above.

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