“Don’t you know her name? Come On”: Alec Baldwin talks about Halyna Hutchins

“Let’s go, let’s go,” Alec Baldwin says at the beginning of an understandably tense interview with journalists on the side of the road in Manchester, Vermont, where Baldwin and his family have spent time since Halyna Hutchins accidentally on the set of the film. Rust in New Mexico.

Outside one series of tweets, Baldwin has not made public statements since the incident, in which a prop pistol he was told was “cold” killed the film’s cinematographer. The unplanned interview is a compelling and sad look at a family wrapped up in a tragedy.

When asked “what’s going on” with the case, Baldwin briefly replied that he was “ordered by the sheriff’s department in Santa Fe” not to comment because it was an “active investigation.”

“A woman died,” he reminded them, before adding “she was my friend, she was my friend.” He went on to explain that the day he arrived in Santa Fe, he took Hutchins and director Joel Souza for dinner.

“We were a very, very …” he began to say in front of his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, who was already pointing a cell phone in the direction of the journalists, whispered something to him. “Sorry,” he said sharply to her before backing out of the frame.

After Alec repeated that he could not comment on the matter, he asked, “what other questions do you have?” At the time, a reporter from a business was there Guardian has identified as BackGrid, “a global celebrity news agency”, fell over remembering the name of the deceased film photographer.

“Halyna! Her name is Halyna!” Hilaria shot back without a lack of disgust. “If you spend so much time waiting for us, you should know her name!”

“You do not know her name? Come on,” Alec added I can not believe this guy expression. He quickly became serious and said he had met with the woman’s widower and son. He described them as “mortified”.

“No details,” Hilaria intervened.

Alec then turned to her. “Do me a favor? I want to answer the questions,” he said.

He’s in contact with the family, Alec noted, and he called the incident “one in a trillion.” He said he could not predict whether he would ever again work on a film set involving firearms, but urged the industry to continue to look at making changes to gun safety measures. Production on Rust will not continue, he said, referring to questions about his future projects as “irrelevant to what we are talking about.”

Alec then asked reporters to sum up effectively. “My kids are sitting in the car crying,” he said.

“Because you follow them, and they knowadded Hilaria.

“As a courtesy to you, I came to talk to you,” Alec added. “I talk to the police every day.”

Last week, director Adam Egypt Mortimer, who worked with Hutchins on the film Arch-enemy, wrote a memoir about her for VF

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