Dragon Age 4 Concept Art Hints At Red Lyrium Ghouls

Two of the most nightmarish parts of Dragon Age doctrine have been combined this Halloween.


Ghouls are grim. The effects of Red Lyrium are dismal. So what better Dragon Age staples to combine this Halloween?

The latest bit of concept art for the long-awaited Dragon Age 4 comes from BioWare’s Christian Dailey and suggests that Tevinter will be full of some pretty awful creatures. These ghouls are not only shown to be in a serious state of decay, but also have glowing eyes that suggest red lyrium abuse. This also reveals why the Gray Wardens will knock around, suggesting they will play a significant role in the story.

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Ghouls have appeared in the series since Dragon Age: Origins, and are living creatures who suffer from darkspawn tastes. From what we’ve already seen in the games, ghouls can vary in difficulty, with those we meet in Deep Roads still able – to some degree – to have a conversation. But like zombies, they quickly rot away and become violent before their death.

Red lyrium is not very cheerful. This addictive drug gives the user new powers and improved strength, but comes at the expense of harming their body and mind. Most notably, Meredith used it during the events of Dragon Age 2. Of course, it made her much harder to take down as a final boss, but it also made her extremely paranoid, eventually leaving her petrified. The so-called Red Knights Templar we see in the Inquisition do not feel much better, leaving so damaged that they attack on sight.

With these two terrifying forms of corruption combined, Dragon Age 4 turns out to be absolutely terrifying. But that explains why we saw Gray Wardens in earlier concept art, since superpowered darkspawn is exactly the kind of thing they would be sent in to deal with. This does not necessarily mean that we are facing another malice in the sequel, but it certainly confirms that the chiefs of guards are out on another wild, very deadly trip after having already prevented an apocalypse.

Dragon Age 4 has no confirmed release date, but is rumored to be aiming for a launch in 2023.

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