Dramatic power line and wood collide in Melbourne storm

The moment a power cord hit a tree, causing a fire to explode Melbourne has been captured on camera.
The dramatic vision, filmed by a motorist and uploaded to Social Media platform TikTok, has shown a tree being entangled in power lines during extreme winds before bursting into flames and exploding.

A number of cars can be seen under the power lines.

A tree has flown into power lines in Melbourne, causing an electric explosion. (9 news)
Astonished spectators watch in awe as the tree goes up in flames. (9 news)

It is not known if there was any personal injury as a result of the explosion.

A huge clean-up is underway, after winning up to 146 km / h destroyed houses, uprooted 100-year-old trees and knocked out the power.

More than 5,000 people called for help, while more than 100,000 homes were still darkened this morning.

It does not take long before the power lines also explode. (9 news)

Authorities have said such strong gusts have not been seen for over a decade.

Emergency crews have now focused their attention on a massive clean-up effort that could take days.

One roof is blown off one apartment building that bursts into the next on Beach Road, Mordialloc, Victoria.

Destructive storms are causing ‘carnage’ all over Victoria

Weather forecasts are now over, with sunshine and showers and a temperature of 16 degrees today.

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