‘Dune’ leads weak Halloween pandemic box office with $ 15M + – Deadline

Saturday AM Update: The first Halloween in two years during the pandemic takes its toll on the home box office, a gray cloud that many saw coming, with many trick-or-treating or on their way to parties tonight. Basically, when the holiday falls on a Sunday, it is ready to take the weekend.

And yes, we can also blame HBO Max when it comes to Legendary / Warner Bros. ‘ expected -62% decline for Dune which appears to be archived $ 15.5 million for the weekend after a $ 5 million Friday. -71% from a week ago. The Denis Villeneuve-directed reboot of the Frank Herbert novel, for which Warners and Legendary have already greened a theatrical sequel, had a solid week of $ 53.8 million. Though Godzilla vs. King debuted on a Wednesday and compared the legendary title’s first ten days Dune, and the latter appears to be running at 17% with some rivals predicting a possible current total of $ 70 million before EOD Sunday. Godzilla vs. King crossed $ 100 million after 13 weekends. A reminder that these HBO Max theatrical day-and-date titles are on duty for the first 31 days, after which the show will only receive the title during its second month. Torrent Freak reports it Dune was the most pirated movie of the week, ending October 25th.

Focus functions

After Dune it’s a jumble of arthouse genre titles that were never expected to rally, as they are largely aimed at upscaling audiences who are slowly creeping back, but not in massive numbers. That said, they have a lot of choices this weekend, and I hear that Sunday may be a good day for art galleries in general, as this crowd will head to the theater for matinees: Focus Features Edgar Wright fantasy thriller Last night in Soho with $ 4.3 million at 3,016 cinemas and Searchlight’s Antlers at 2,800 venues with an estimated $ 4.1 million.

Last night in Soho gets a B +, slightly lower than A- by Wright’s mass-appealing 107.8 million. USD domestic revenue Baby driver, which this genre film was never expected to emulate. PostTrak was lower with 73% positive, 56% recommended, and as expected, an older male crowd of 59% participated, 66% over 25 and 62% between 18-34. Diversity demos were 55% Caucasian, 21% Latino and Latin American, 10% black and 14% Asian / other. The film’s strongest markets were the coasts with eight of the ten most lucrative theaters from NYC and LA. A handful of 200 PLFs currently drive 26% of gross. Friday’s $ 1.9M includes $ 700K of previews Thursday night, which began at 7 p.m.


Antlers, directed by Scott Cooper and produced by Guillermo del Toro, is another film held by Searchlight during the pandemic; heck, it even got a virtual panel at the San Diego Comic-Con 2020 that tells you how long it’s been teased. At the end of the day, it’s a C + from the CinemaScore audience, a 62% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes that does not scream “must-see”, with even lower PostTrak outputs of 59% and a 42% recommended. The audience was 61% guys, 65% over 25 and 60% between 18-34. The audience’s make-up was 48% Caucasian, 27% Latino and Latin American, 14% black and 11% Asian / other. Friday’s $ 1.7 million. includes $ 370,000 previews that began at 18.00

The French broadcast

The French broadcast
Spotlight images

Searchlight also expanded their Wes Anderson film The French broadcast from of 736 theaters to 788; and with expected buoyancy $ 3.5 million second weekend, +169%, we hear that it has pulled solid ticket sales in its core areas of New York and Los Angeles with new markets Sacramento, San Diego and Montreal notable. There is a lot of money that competitors can not see that Searchlight is. Not the entire Comscore has been updated with the image previews from Thursday night at its new locations; right now, as I understand it, is $ 300K.

And there are Funimations too My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission booked at 1,602 cinemas this weekend, which also grabs some of the fanboys away from Dune and Last night in Soho eyeing a third place slot of $ 7.9 million after Universal / Blumhouse / Miramax’s Halloween kills in second place with $ 8.75 million. at the weekend 3, -39% for an ongoing cue of EOD Sunday of $ 85.9 million. There were no previews Thursday for My Hero Academia, but the picture is reserved at 4DX, Dbox and some PLFs that broadcast a Friday with $ 2.88 million. with 1,577 sites reporting. The film is available both as subtitles in Japanese or dubbed in English. This is the third film in My Hero Academia franchise after My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising last year and My Hero Academia: Two heroes in 2018. Films are produced by Toho Co. Ltd., Shueisha and Studio BONES. Funimation has seven of the 20 highest-grossing anime ticket releases on the domestic BO, including My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising ($ 13.3 million) and My Hero Academia: Two heroes ($ 5.8 million domestic).


United Artist Releases The Addams Family 2, which is on PVOD, looking to pass $ 50M this weekend $ 52M by the end of Sunday after one $ 3.1 million fifth weekend at 2,757 cinemas, -30%.

On the bright side, Comscore reports that October is expected to ring in as the highest-earning month of YTD with an expected $ 625 million, which hit July $ 583.8 million.

Top 10 weekend ratings:

1.) Dune (WB) 4,125 cinemas Fri. $ 5 million (-71%) / 3-day $ 15.5 million (-62%) / Total 69.3 million USD /Week 2

2.) Halloween kills (Uni) 3,616 (-111) theater fre $ 2.5 million (-44%) / 3-day $ 8.75 million (-39%) / Total $ 85.9 million/ Wk 3

3.) My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission (Fun) 1,602 theaters, Fri. $ 2.88 million/3 days $ 7.9 million/ Week 1

4.) No time to die(UAR) 3,507 (-300) Cinemas Fri. $ 2.39 million (-33%) / 3-day $ 7.7 million (-37%) / Total $ 133.2 million/ Wk 4

5.) Venom: Let there be carnage (Sony) 3,278 (-235) cinemas fri $ 1.6 million (-35%) / 3-day $ 5.6 million (-40%) / Total $ 190.3 million/ Wk 5

6.) Last night in Soho (Fok) 3,016 cinemas Fri. $ 1.9 million/3 days $ 4.3 million/ Week 1

7.) Antlers (Hav) 2,800 theaters fri $ 1.7 million/3 days $ 4.1 million/ Week 1

8.) Ron has gone wrong (20./Dis) 3,560 theaters, fre $ 1.1 million (-52%) / 3-day $ 3.9 million (-47%) / Total $ 12.9 million/ Wk 2

9.) The French broadcast (Sea) 788 (+736) theater fre $ 1.09 million (+96%) / 3-day $ 3.5 million (+169%) / Total $ 5.6 million/ Week 2

10.) Addams family 2 (UAR) 2,757 (-150) cinemas fri $ 846,000 (-26%), 3 days $ 3.1 million (-30%) / Total $ 52.7 million/ Wk 5

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