Durham residents on edge after 2 shootings in 2 places Monday afternoon :: WRAL.com

– Monday afternoon in Durham was marked by gun violence. Two different shootings in two different parts of the city left neighbors shaken.

The first shooting happening on NC 55 at 5pm, the start of rush hour.

Police said a man in this black jeep was fleeing from someone in another car shooting at him in the middle of the highway.

Bullets shattered the jeep’s back window. The man drove through a ditch before crashing into two cars in the parking lot of Jimmy’s Famous Hot Dogs.

The Hot Dog stand also took a hit. Two windows were shattered by bullets.

Witnesses like JT rushed to the crash scene

“I heard gunshots, coming from this direction,” said JT. “I went to go check on him. He was dead. I called the police, other people called the police.”

Two hours later, a second shooting happ ened just five miles away on Wabash street and Ridgeway Avenue.

Police said one man was shot and rushed to the hospital with serious injuries.

A police forensics team marked dozens of pieces of evidence at the scene, including bullet casings, scattered on the street.

Back on NC 55, a small protest formed, signs calling for an end to the violence.

Craig Charity said he lost his son to a shooting in Durham two years ago.

“Losing a son or daughter, that’s something you never get over,” said Charity.

He’s trying to make a difference now.

“We might not be able to stop it, but we can slow it down,” Charity said.

Others said it’s just time to leave.

“It’s crazy,” said JT. “I’m ready to leave North Carolina, especially Durham.”

Residents back on Wabash Street told WRAL News they tried calling 911 multiple times and got no answer, and they said it took police more than thirty minutes to get to the scene.

So far, p olice tell us no arrests have been made in either shooting.



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