> Family waits for answers after Sydney man, 33, found dead

Family waits for answers after Sydney man, 33, found dead

A heartbroken family is waiting for answers after a Sydney man, whose only apparent pain was from a tooth infection, died suddenly last week.

Bradley Tucek, 33, told his Perth-based family he was in “agony” with a toothache.

The 33-year-old’s dentist gave him antibiotics and Panadol to treat the infected tooth and booked him in to have it taken out a week later, his family told 9news.com.au.

Bradley Tucek: 'Unique' Sydney man, 33, found dead after having toothache
Bradley Tucek with his father Greg, who like the rest of his family, lives in Perth. (Supplied)

But when he failed to log on for work in his job as a business analyst a few days later, his colleagues were worried.

They went to Tucek’s apartment and found him dead on the kitchen floor.

His sister, Ally Valentine, said NSW Police told them they had ruled out suicide or foul play.

She said Tucek didn’t take an overdose of painkillers, as he only had been given Panadol.

“How can you go from texting your family ‘I’m really sick’ to just dying a few hours later at 33 years old? It makes no sense,” she said.

“To know he just died alone and his body was there for two days, that is what is so heartbreaking.

“With a toothache you don’t think ‘oh my goodness, rush to hospital’.

“None of us thought to tell him to go to hospital.”

Bradley Tucek: 'Unique' Sydney man, 33, found dead after having toothache
Brad’s sister Ally Valentine, left, said NSW Police told them they have ruled out suicide and foul play. (Supplied)

The family, who have flown to Sydney from their home in Perth, are waiting to see what the NSW Coroners Court findings are, which could take months.

Tucek told his sister and parents in messages that he had a toothache on July 13.

He went to his dentist the next day and was found to have an infection, he told them.

He was given antibiotics to treat the infection and an appointment for the following week to have the tooth removed.

But Valentine said her brother was suffering.

Bradley Tucek: 'Unique' Sydney man, 33, found dead after having toothache
Bradley Tucek, who lived in Sydney’s north, with his mother, Rose. (Supplied)

During their final conversation on the Saturday, Tucek said he was too sick to talk.

“I said, ‘Do you want me to add you to this Facebook family chat?'” Valentine, a marriage celebrant and radio newsreader, said.

“He said to me, ‘Maybe, right now I have a massive infection and I’m very sick, and I can’t consider such things right now’.

“He had said to mum, ‘This is the worst pain I’ve ever been in.'”

He then stopped responding to his family’s messages, which was unusual, Valentine said.

When he failed to log on for work from home on the Monday morning, a group of his colleagues went to his Naremburn unit.

Neighbours let them into the block and his front door was unlocked.

They found Tucek on the kitchen floor.

Despite calling an ambulance, it was too late.

“The police estimated that he had died on the Saturday night, only hours after we were talking to him,” Valentine said.

While the family, including his father Greg and mother Rose, wait for answers, Valentine paid tribute to her “unique” brother.

Bradley Tucek: 'Unique' Sydney man, 33, found dead after having toothache
Bradley Tucek, whose family said was a talented artist who loved to socialise, with his niece and nephew. (Supplied)

“There is no other human being on this earth, there’s nobody else like him,” she said.

“He was weird and quirky.

“He was really set in his ways, he was really stubborn, he knew what he wanted and he would fight for it.

“He had a larger than life personality and he was just adored by everyone.

“He was super social. He would go and spend time with his friends, he loved a drink and was the last person to leave.”

Tucek collected models, went to Sydney’s Games Workshop, and was a talented artist.

“He’d sit there sketching things. We’ve found hundreds of pieces of paper in his house,” Valentine, said.

NSW Police confirmed they were called to a home on Glenmore Street in Naremburn regarding a concern for welfare at 2pm last Monday.

“Police located the body of a 33-year-old man, which NSW Ambulance Paramedics declared deceased at the scene,” they said in a statement.

“Officers from North Shore Police Area Command commenced inquiries and a report will be prepared for the information of the Coroner.”

The family is raising money to get Tucek’s body to Perth.

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