Flood risk this weekend as capital to be hit by rain showers


here is the risk of flooding across London this weekend as the capital prepares to be hit by heavy rain showers.

If you were caught in Friday’s rainfall, you got a glimpse of the weather ahead with the risk of local flooding predicted Sunday.

A spokesman for the Met Office said of the expected weather in London: “In short, this weekend’s weather can sometimes be summed up as wet and windy, but also some drier, lighter interludes – a really mixed case!

“Saturday will soon be wet and windy from the southwest, as a band of heavy rain sweeps through during the morning. It will be much brighter in the afternoon with sunshine and only a single shower. Temperatures reach 15 C

“Clear and dry overnight and a little cooler than recently – minimum 8 C.

“Sunday will have a bright start, but soon clouds over as another band of heavy rain and gusts of wind sweeps in from the west.

“This is accompanied by a yellow warning for rain – could see 20-30 mm of rain in 2/3 hour, so there is a risk of local flooding. Maybe a little late sunshine when the rain disappears in the North Sea. Top temperature 13 C.”

The gloomy forecast came after trains from London to Glasgow were canceled after floods triggered by heavy rains in the north-west of England and Scotland.

Network Rail Scotland said two road bridges over the Annan River were “washed away” during heavy rain.

It tweeted: “Two road bridges have been washed away on the Annan River, north of the railway.

“We are unable to allow trains to pass over the Annan Viaduct pending a daylight safety inspection. The line between Dumfries and Carlisle remains closed until further notice.”

The travel disruption takes place a few days before Glasgow hosts world leaders and environmentalists at the Cop26 climate conference.


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