Forest Fires Continue to Burn in Central Newfoundland

(Photo via Facebook.)

An update is expected this afternoon on the status of the Bay D’Espoir Highway as several “out of control” forest fires continue to burn in the area.

The highway was closed overnight as crews battled the blazes. The cause of the fires has not yet been confirmed, but Provincial Fire Duty Officer Bryan Oke says there were several lightning strikes in the area prior to the beginning of the fires.

He says the magnitude of the fires has been a challenge for fire crews, but notes that responders have been doing an “outstanding” job with their response thus far.

He says they have three waterbombers, four helicopters, and 24 staff deployed and are in a position to provide regular updates throughout the day.

Oke says dealing with such fires at this time of year is not uncommon.

He says last week they had several other fires related to the weather, but he’s hopeful that as fire season passes things will start to settle down.

According to the forest fire index, the greatest risk in the province for forest fires currently is in central, the south coast, and on the Avalon.

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