Former In Flames members Driller Debut The Halo Effect Single

Former IN FLAMES members Tease debut THE HALO EFFECT Single

HALO EFFECT, the new project with five former members of the Swedish metal band IN FLAMESJesper Strömblad (guitar), Daniel Svensson (drums), Peter Iwers (stall), Niclas Engelin (guitar) and Mikael Stanne (vocals) – releases his debut single, “Shadowminds”, November 9th. A teaser for the song’s official music video is available below.

A founding member of IN FLAMES, Strömblad left the band in February 2010 to continue receiving treatment for his alcohol abuse.

Five years ago, Jesper slammed his former bandmates and called the group a “sinking ship” and said IN FLAMES singer Anders Fridén has “never been a songwriter.”

Svensson, who came along IN FLAMES in 1998, announced in 2015 that he was leaving the group to focus on his family life.

A member of IN FLAMES since 1997, Iwers released a statement in November 2016 in which he said he was leaving the band “to pursue other endeavors.”

your obstacle has been sitting outside IN FLAMES‘tour dates for the last two and a half years, but has never officially confirmed his departure from the band. your obstacle‘s replacement for IN FLAMES‘Live shows for most of 2019 and early 2020 have been in the past MEGADETH and current ACTION OF FAITH guitarist Chris Broderick.

When your obstacle was asked in an interview in August 2020 with “MetalBreak” podcast what his “future” with IN FLAMES was, he replied, “I choose to pass it on [question], “before he quickly added,” I’m still in the band. “

From last year, your obstacle was not listed as a member of IN FLAMES on the band Facebook page (Broderick was), and he is not in any of IN FLAMES‘current promotional images from the group’s record label, Nuclear explosion.

IN FLAMES recruited American drummer Tanner Wayne, best known for his work with INVESTIGATED, SHAME CHILDREN SHAME CHILDREN and CHIODOS, to sit behind the set of the band for its live performances in 2018, 2019 and 2020. Wayne stepped in IN FLAMES after departure of Joe Rickardwho played on the band “I, the mask” and “Battle” album.

Shortly after departure IN FLAMES, Iwers joined CYHRA, the band with vocalist Jake E (ex-AMARANTHE) and Strömblad. He announced his departure from that band in May 2018.

IN FLAMES‘current lineup features American bassist Bryce Paul Newman, who has played most shows with the group since Iwers‘s output.

During a performance in January 2021 on “Vox & Hops” podcast, Iwers was asked if he ever misses being on the road. The bassist replied, “Yes, absolutely. Well, ‘miss’ is a bit of the wrong word. I loved being on the go for most of the years I was with [IN FLAMES], and I miss the good times. I have no regrets that I left, but of course sometimes I really miss just being free and out playing shows and traveling to new places every day. But I have plans. Maybe this will happen again in the future – not with IN FLAMESbut yes, we’ll see. “

He continued: “I kind of do not miss spending time thinking about that kind of thing. I live a little more where I am now, where I am actually free to do what I can with my own time. I own my time. own time that I like to say; I can plan it as I like it. And I focus a little bit on enjoying it instead of missing the past.

“It’s fun to remember, but at the same time it can also lead you down a dangerous path,” Peter added.

In a 2017 interview with Ireland’s Exaggerate, IN FLAMES guitarist Björn Gelotte said he was not surprised Peters departure from the band. “It was not a ‘shock’, so to speak, as we kind of knew it was on its way,” he said. “I think he was just done with it all and not happy. No, ‘happy’ is the wrong word. He just wanted to pursue other things. Peter is a very, very busy guy. He has his own brewery with him Daniel called Odd Island Brewing and he also has four or five different musical projects going on, so he really has his hands full at the moment. “

A year ago, DARK PEACE vocalist Mikael Stannewho sang on IN FLAMES‘debut album, 1994s “Lunar Strain”, rejected comparisons between the two bands and told “BREW Speaking Podcast”: “We are almost forever connected, just because of our connection early. I sang on the first one IN FLAMES album, and Various sang on the first DARK PEACE album, and this is still a cause for great confusion for some reason. But yes, we toured together, we are friends, and we grew up together in the same area outside the city [in Gothenburg, Sweden]. So that’s obvious. And I’m okay with that – that’s fine. It’s just getting a little old, because there is not much to say about it anymore, because we have gone in very different directions. So it’s not relevant, but of course you make comparisons – that’s how people work, how to go, “I like this band better than that band.” And if there is a link somehow and there are many between the two of us, then you use it as a kind of reference or: ‘This is better than that’ or ‘The guitar player is better in that band’ – that kind of thing . So I’m okay with that. It does not change anything. And sometimes questions about it tend to be uninspired. It’s like, ‘Oh, what do you think of the other band’s albums?’ It’s like, ‘It doesn’ t matter, but I’m a huge fan. I love it.’ And of course it’s the same with AT THE GATES also, even though we have not shared any members together, but we still grew up together, so of course there is also a huge connection there. And I do not mind talking about my friends and the amazing bands that are from this city – that’s fine – but sometimes they look like direct comparisons … Maybe they meant something in the 90’s, but they really do not . ”


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