Fox News’ Tucker Carlson problem

Fox News does not officially comment on the record, but it appears that the right-wing talk network is quietly trying to distance itself from Tucker Carlson’s 1/6 truth.

It’s takeaway from this story by Daily Dots David Covucci. He wrote on Friday that after his outlet had published a story about Carlson’s 1/6 special series, entitled “Patriot Purge”, Fox News reached out to the PR department.

Fox PR intended to be off the record, but Covucci correctly noted that * both * parties must agree to go off the record before it is binding. “The Daily Dot did not agree with Fox’s claim when this quote was sent, and is therefore not bound by the request,” Covucci explained to readers. “Besides, you should know that even Fox News wants to distance itself from Carlson’s documentary.”

So what was the request from the unnamed spokesman? According to Covucci, it read as follows: “Can you please add so it’s clear that these new episodes are for FOX Nation? The subscription-based streaming platform that is behind a payment wall. I can not see it noted anywhere in the play. Tucker Carlson Originals are not for the channel. “

Of course, this is not something you would want external news organizations to emphasize if you were genuinely proud of the work. It’s hard to imagine Carlson getting very happy when he hears about this. It’s also worth noting that while the entire 1/6 documentary will actually be behind a payment wall on Fox Nation, some of this content will almost certainly find its way into Carlson’s best airtime.

>> A reminder of the big picture here, via Brian Stelter’s report for “Don Lemon Tonight:” Murdoch’s supports “false flag” fear-mongering. Does it really matter if the conspiracy theories run on TV or online?

Cheney’s office publishes emails with Carlson’s team

But you can understand why the C-suite executives in NYC want to distance the network from Carlson’s madness, even if they allow it to continue to be broadcast. The channel is facing significant scrutiny of the upcoming conspiracy series, including from prominent Republicans like Liz Cheney – a person who does not back down in his criticism of Carlson.

After Cheney called Carlson on Thursday to promote 1/6 truth, the Fox propagandist invited her to his show. When Cheney refused, Carlson called her a coward. But he did not include the statement that Cheney’s spokesman provided the show, explaining her reason for not showing up.

Rupert Murdoch lets his media empire spread January 6 and election conspiracy theories

Cheney spokesman Jeremy Adler issued this statement last Friday, showing the email exchange he had with Carlson’s booker. The statement, which Adler had given to Carlson’s show, read: “Tucker has had countless opportunities to explain to his viewers that the election was not stolen. Instead, he continues to promote dangerous conspiracies using the language that provoked violence against law enforcement and our Capitol on January 6. Liz will not attend. ” Practice …


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