Friends, family mourn loss of Kyle Dow after fatal motorcycle collision

A young Paris, Ont. family is grieving the loss of a beloved husband and father of two after a tragic motorcycle accident earlier this month.

In Saturday’s funeral service for Kyle Dow, his wife Victoria said: “there are no words that can even come close to being able to describe the way this all feels.”

Through tears she shared that Kyle was her partner for over 16 years and husband for nearly seven years.

“He lit up the room, and most importantly to me, he lit up our little boys’ world. I want that back for them.” said Dow. “We love and miss him so much, and even though we can’t see him, we know he will never really leave us.”

Kyle died on July 15th doing what Dow said he loved most – riding his motorcycle.

Police said two other vehicles were involved in the collision in the eastbound lanes of highway 403 and Wayne Gretzky Parkway in Brantford. 

“It just tears your heart out,” said John Thomson, Kyle’s father-in-law.

Thomson said his daughter called him after hearing what happened. It’s a phone call that he said he still sometimes “wakes up at night hearing.”

He said he’s devastated for his daughter and two grandsons: two-year-old Axel and four-year-old Ryder.

“Ryder came to us and said ‘my daddy’s dead and he’s not coming home, but if I want to talk to him, I can talk to him up there and he pointed to the clouds,” said Thomson. “He was such a good dad. He did everything for those boys.”

He said it took time to accept his daughter’s relationship, but Kyle impressed him.

“He turned out to be a hard-working guy, great provider and absolutely adored his family,” Thomson said. “They fell in love as teenagers, and it just got bigger, and I don’t think it waned at all. You can see and feel it as you walk into their house.”

Thomson started a fundraising campaign for the Paris family. As of Sunday afternoon, it has raised over $47,000 to help Victoria and the kids.

“She was a stay-at-home mom. This will get her over the hump. She’s going to have bills to pay,” said Thomson.

Thomson said the ongoing support is a testament to how much Kyle meant to everyone who knew him.

Their family of four was planning to go camping in their new trailer this summe,r and Thomson said Victoria is still set on taking the boys out at least once as a tribute to Kyle.

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