Fun and easy ways to create your merch without equipment     

Not everyone can create great merchandise using the expensive equipment required to make spectacular products. You may be out of options when trying to launch your own merch with limited income. However, there is an alternative with the help of dropshipping platforms. For example, Printful merch maker allows you to create custom merch from scratch without any upfront costs. Here are some fun and easy ways that you can create new merch to sell to potential customers.

Heat Transfer Vinyl

Requiring no machinery at all, you can use heat transfer vinyl to allow you to make fun designs at home. You can print a heat transfer vinyl and have it shipped to your home. Using a blank t-shirt or other items, you transfer the design to the fabric by applying heat. Typically, you can create an item by cutting out the design and ironing on the vinyl. It is an incredibly easy way to design items without using a machine.


Another great way to create clothing items and accessories is to use dyes at home. For example, tye dyes are incredibly popular. Complex patterns can be made using rubber bands that are strategically placed on the t-shirt.

Wash-Proof Paint

If you really love custom designing clothes, you can use wash-proof paint and directly apply it to the clothing of your choice. You can then add a sealant over the paint to prevent the paint from peeling off with multiple washes. Painting on clothing, bags, hats, skirts, pants, and other materials is a great way to launch your hand-made fashion design business.

Embroidered Products

You can make incredible and cool embroidered products using various techniques. Embroidered products can be beautiful and unique. The process involves stitching that can be used to decorate many clothing items and accessories. You can have shirts, hats, jackets, tote bags, and many other items embroidered. This is great for school uniforms, sports teams, favorite music bands, and more. You can also consider hand-stitching items to make custom crafts.

Cut Out And Patchwork Designs

Creating clothes using cut-out styles is becoming increasingly popular and is also in high demand. Strategically placed cut-outs on shirts, pants, dresses, and more have an edgy and cute appearance that appeals to partiers, beachgoers, and shoppers. For another fashionable idea, you can also use hot glue to add patchwork designs to clothing. For example, cutting shaped pieces of leather and gluing them to jeans, hats, or t-shirts.

Consider Drop-Shipping To Get Your Merch

If you want to mass produce products without having to purchase your own machines, you can consider using dropshipping services. You can upload your custom design and have your customers purchase directly from your online store. No machinery is involved on your end, and the product can be printed by the manufacturer and sent directly to the customer’s home. The products are high quality and don’t require you to purchase or maintain the machines yourself.

Dropshipping is a cheap and affordable way to launch your business. The cost of printing and manufacturing your clothes only gets charged to you after a customer makes their purchase. You can profit off the difference between the purchaser’s payment and the cost of manufacturing and printing the item. Although you are still indirectly using machinery, you don’t have to make any clothing hands-on.

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