Gallery Lysisoleil: Sophie Delaporte: Bloom of Color

Her name is Sophie Delaporte.
Her exhibition: Bloom of Color runs from June 30 to August 10.
Vicky Goldberg wrote of her images:

It’s theater, it’s crazy, it’s dance without narration, it’s fun, it’s intense.
More than a century ago, Lois Fuller, who would go on to have a major influence on modern dance, performed in voluminous flowing dresses.
Although she never revealed her body, she created wild, charming and momentary forms from the fabrics that she waved in art nouveau storms.
From a certain angle, Delaporte’s nudes have the playful sensuality of Fuller.
Vicky Goldberg

Sophie Delaporte: Bloom of Color
from June 30 to August 10, 2022
Lysisoleil Gallery 20 rue du Verbois
75003 Paris

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